System is "Automatically" Erasing Quoted Posts

I found that the system is automatically removing quoted material from my posts.

I do not think an automatic flawed AI can decide what should be edited from my posts better than I.

Is there a way that this can be disabled or reverted back?

If this is some new Discourse policy, I frankly, I find this insulting.

Also, the AI is spamming my message box with “Your post is similar to …” messages, another annoying thing happening since the update. After the third affirmation that I want to make a new thread or topic, the AI should not spam more inquiries.

Edit 1 - It is occurring in the “Announcement Thread” but not “Politics Thread”


According to our Augest EU Parliament it can? Also just look at Tumblr. :unamused:


Happend to me too. Gave up on a reply cuz the damned thing wouldnt let me post the way i wanted it.


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More than likely, Facebook or Google or whoever else Discourse has an agreement with to “sign in” from has control over my post and has "authorization to edit and delete posts now :wink:

In case you don’t get the reference, the Facebook story that broke yesterday is what I am referring to (in jest).


Which thread did this happen to you in?

Ugh! Look at me not being caught up with the news after a couple of days of not actually working already.

Really glad I don’t use Facebook tho!


Demon recollect. Wouldnt let me quote.


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Ultron didn’t want me to post the way I wanted as well, so I gave up.


Ok. I just posted in Dragoons. Let us see if it happens once more.

Everything was working fine for me just as you sent that ? (Forgive me everyone, I just stumbled upon this due to Eiwynn’s post of the Dragoon thread.)

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@idonotlikeusernames - try posting in the politics thread right after mine… it might be triggered by two users posting in tandem, one right after the other.

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Got this sometime after giving up.

The tandem posting may be the cause, was dscussing about things with bathala back then.


Figured a way to handle this to my satisfaction.