Deleting topics

So. My question, now I think about it, is 2-fold. 1.
How do I delete a topic? I have 2 topics, each called the same, and want to get rid of one because it’s closed now.
"The Howling Chronicals, for anyone who is wondering.
Also. This might just be me, since I have a screanreader and all, but is anyone else haveing problems with the catagory spinbox things? It’s not reading any of the options. Before, I could fiddle with it, and eventually get a menue of options, each with it’s own button, then just find the one I want. Now? It’s hit and miss, and it’s frustrateing.
So. If anyone could answer either of these questions? Would be apretiated. Also, if this topic is in the wrong thread? I do apologize. Trying to get it into general, but after a good 10 minutes of the stupid thing bouncing around, figured I would just drop it here, at least it’s not breaking game thred emersion. So… Yeah!


Hi @Righter

If you have a topic you’d like to delete (that you made), please feel free to contact the moderators (@ moderators)

Just go into the thread you desire deleted and summon us (or me since I am here) there and we will get this resolved as soon as possible.

As to the other issue… I am hoping another can answer this, because I am unable to replicate the bug.


Here is the link to the topic I want to remove, if that’s what you ment:

Thanks. I don’t think the other thing is a bug, think it’s more a clash between the sight and my screanreader. Mabie?

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