Switch (concept art and game summary)


I figure I’m far enough along into the planning and writing that I’m comfortable introducing the game I’m making!

It’s called “Switch” and in the game you play a 20-something year old campaign manager coming home for Christmas for the first time in five years. It doesn’t even take even 24 hours before your twin brother, Theo, tells you that he needs you to switch places with him. Which wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for a date with his long-time girlfriend. And if their relationship wasn’t hinging on this one event. And if he tipped you in on all the people who would be looking for him that night.

The storyline is plot driven and I plan to have many branching plotlines that you can get on, all of which will open you up to different endings and different scenes. You may be living the same night every time you play, but every moment will be changed by your choices.

Here’s some of the concept sketches of the twins (these are still works in progress and will be finished later)-


Sounds pretty interesting


I’d def play this. It sounds very interesting. 20 is pretty young to be a campaign manager, isn’t it? He must be a prodigy.

The art looks nice. Looking forward to seeing more info come out.


I wonder, if we can define the mc’s sexuality…being gay would surely add some potentially interesting complications to the date with our brother’s girlfriend.

The author did say 20-something, meaning he could be anywhere from 21-29, mid twenties while young, is not unheard of for neither politicians, nor their campaign managers…though the age tends to go up the higher the political office is. If he was managing a national senator’s or presidential candidate’s campaign, then yeah he’d be quite young.

Based on the flashy way he dresses, what does our brother do? Could be anything from trust fund kid, to actor to career criminal.
They do both look cute/sexy in your artwork though!


Rather than explicitly defining the MC’s sexuality, you’ll have “romanceable” options of different genders/sexes (I say romanceable tentatively, because although I intend a romance to be possible, it won’t really be happening during the date with the brother’s girlfriend). If there were a “canon”/“true” storyline to this game, it would probably set up the MC to be gay, but I allowed for different options.

I’m glad that you picked out which brother was which! I tried to make it clear, but I was still worried it wasn’t. A campaign manager dressing in V-necks would kind of be funny though. The brother is a singer in a band, though without spoiling too much I’ll say that one of those other careers is going to come up in the game as well.