Swamp Castle walkthrough?

invest in militia the end, get lots of magicians, knights. save that other general storm the castle. just conscript everyone at the end you wont be collecting taxes from them anymore. cheers

I don’t believe anyone has asked but does anyone know how to successfully pull off the sneak attack option on the barbarians? If possible it seems like it may have very specific requirements.

For anyone who is still playing the game and wants to become independent, I will try to show you how to reach it even in hard difficulty. First: rule doesn’t depend on any your army or population. There is a single check which gives you additional rule and semi-depends on your army. It is after the first barbarian attack. You just need to have 10 or more guards. To become independent in hard difficulty, you to pick the nobleman background and choose either diplomacy, agility or leadership. Be good with the merchant. After that CARE FOR THE DRUIDS. Hire workers and fully repair your castle. Then comes a tricky part. You need to win the tournament and it would be best if you confiscate their goods. You have to visit the tavern and buy a drink before visiting the mages. During your visit ask to learn magic. A fireball is good enough. Tell the servants that you appreciate their work. Give the merchant additional funds. Visit the druids and do the rest of the tasks which you have available. Then return to the first menu, choose “walk around…” and then punish the guard. Then spend time with your advisor and get either diplomacy, leadership or agility(choose whatever you haven’t gotten in the first stat improvement). The next day go to meet Gensa and ask him the question which requires nobility. Then tell him everything which you can from the list. Tell him that the warrior you have hired is named beast. Then trust the farmer and send the druids and train the lizard. You already know where the bandit hideout is so you choose this option. Then send guards to kill the thieves. You will have enough workers to build the temple and enough intelligence to expand the library. Then tell Gensa that you will vote for him. Then plan to go to the mysterious meeting, upgrade the village, learn the last skill which you need (either the leadership, diplomacy or the agility). Take a dagger and go to meeting, attack the guy and try to fight him off. In the end he would be either dead or you can negotiate his life for the letter. After receiving the letter choose to inform the king. In the next day we have the barbarian attack. Under no circumstances send your guards against them. Use mages or archers. After that see to the wounded and pick general varys as your commander. Pay the peasant. Then choose mobilize for war and get everything on the list with the exception of pardon prisoners. Hide some of your troops into the forest, shoot the barbarians once, attack them from your hidden position and then engage them. DO NOT MERGE YOUR ACHERS WITH YOUR MAIN ARMY. Then shoot at them again and use as many good attacks as you can like sending General Varys to rout them, coordinating an attack against their leader, etc. after that attack them with your army until you get the win screen. Then let the militia sort it out themselves. After that improve diplomacy and say to Gensa that you haven’t thought about it. Gain help to strengthen your position in your lands and you are done there. The next day assemble an escort and leave it behind to stop the fire. Offer help to the merchant and reveal yourself. Then pick the nobleman outfit, say that you are the lord of the bandits and that you aren’t alone. At the meeting agree with everything Gensa says. Once the rebellion starts speak to the rebel, but remain neutral. When the army comes to seek shelter tell them to swear allegiance. Finally declare your lands independent. With some careful finance management you would reach the desired ending with ease. Ask if you have any questions.