Swamp Castle - Fragglesworth the Third

I’ve been playing the Magincia series (Great Tournament 1 & 2, Swamp Castle) and trying to get all of the achievements. I have all of the achievements for Swamp Castle except for Fragglesworth the Third. Can somebody give me some advice on how to get this last one?

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When asked what to do in your free time choose to go to the tavern (it might be called in another way) and when asked if to sneak in from the back entrance or try to sneak past the guard choose the latter, when the guard notices you just keep trying to lie your way out of the situation and you will unlock the achievement.

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If you’re playing the magincia series you should play life of a mercenary if you haven’t. It’s in the same world as all the other magincia games.


I’ve done that multiple times, on almost every playthrough actually, but I only get the Fast Talker achievement.

I just downloaded it today. I’m pretty excited to see the mercenaries again because the Justice for Magincia storyline was my favorite from Great Tournament 2.

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It’s pretty big, you’ll enjoy it!

You need to fail at the last moment when convincing the guard. That way, you’ll get ‘Fragglesworth The Third’ instead of ‘Fast Talker’

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That did it! Thank you so much!