Swamp Castle walkthrough?

Buy a drink from the tavern so you will know where the hq is. Plus u gain int


Try not to make your castle wall fall. And upgrade it twice i think. xD. Sorry i dont remember exactly what i choose before that made me a gov also… I think being a knight.

My favorite path is helping the king to get 5 free knights w/ the letter, using diplomacy with the barbarians, winning the governor election, helping the rebels, defeating gensa from taking over the council and ending the game with the council instead of taking over as king.

Btw anyone know how to find the thieves guild?

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Thieves guild? Dont buy anything from the tavern then beat the bouncer.

Get into the tavern (either by sneaking or bluffing) and buy a drink there and you will learn about the bandits.
As for votes you can make bribe Gillian to vote for you and he’ll give you 4 votes for 10 merchants. There is also the jousting tournament that gives you 4 votes (1 undecided+3 from Vero), you’ll need to have 2 or more agility/strength to win. Just doing these 2 things+the speech (with 2 or more intelligence) will get you 10 already. If you don’t have 2 strength/agility you can do the other things to get votes from the undecided, improving the roads will give 2 votes and the rest give 1 each.


How can prevent Gensa taking over the Council?

I like that too, however I couldn’t win election.

Thanks Frogs, I’ll try that.

Easiest way is to be governor, have a diplomatic solution to the barbarians (use the farmers), be a knight at the start of the game, have gensa poison a council member by saying Nay to temporary leader the first time and taking it to the council of 10 again. After that you should become council leader.

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How to become royalty?

Help the General defeat the rebels outside the castle, then when talking to the king save his life by jumping in front of him. (Note: best not to use the necromancer staff, I think you need a fairy good Light stat to do this action)

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Hi there,

I am stuck at the Battle at the Capital. I want to break through the enemy line and help the king. But no matter how big my host is, I come never even close to killing the 1,000 rebels. And what is even worse I have no way of retreating, what seems rather dull for the attacking army.

Is there a way to win the battle for the King’s side? And if not, what are the alternatives?


How the hell do I speak to the druids , I don’t know if it is a bug but I can never choose the choice of forbidding the farmers from expanding the land

I’m not too sure what you mean, however I think that if you want to stop them and gain favour with the druids/ magic guys you have to read the letter/ all the introductory stuff, and then will allow you to stop them.
(since druids pick magical items and stuff from there)

it’s quite easy… you just have to hear the history of swamp castle (the story about the swamp and many tourist came to visit because of the magical properties it holds) and after that during the court session, you can choose the option to forbid drying up the swamp.

I am just Not able to get past the battle of the capital. no matter which options I choose before, the game will end.

If I aid the King with troops I will end up getting killed during the battle. Even if i manage to break the enemy Formation, there is noch option to try to get through to the King. I just have to Fight on until All my forces are Deadline.

If I remain neutral after the rebel forces get shattered I will get the Option to help them. After that, no matter if I choose to Do So or Not, suddenly I have to aid the King or the rebels in the battle at the capital again, which I end up losing.

If I aid the rebels with supplies or troops they will loose the battle and the game ends.

I tried it around 10 times and I never get past that point… Ich play on Normal difficulty.

Anyone knows how to became independient???. I have tried ALL but i cant.

You need more than 20 rule points.

And what i need to do?? I have tried but i cant reach more than 14

Do you guys know how to get the “Fast Talker” achievement? (Entering the tavern without the stealthy option)
It’s quite frustrating because it’s at the beginning of the game and can’t complete it