Swamp castle: How to win as king loyalist?


When it comes for civil war and you side with the king how do you win? I tried everything and nothing works. Is there some walktrough?


Oh, well, I played the game a lot of time ago, but I hope this helps.
So, basically, if I remember correctly, when you prepare for the war with the barbarians, you have some choices to, well, prepare. So, when you press the “I’m done preparing” or something alike, you’ll be given the question “Are you sure you want to stop preparing”, or something similar. Press “No” and you’ll see that you’ve gained militia men(don’t remember how many, but it’s a lot), repeat the process. Get up to a good number and you’ll be prepared for the rebels with your invincible militia army.


Can’t give you a full walkthrough (no time for that).
In short:
-you need to help Varo (increase your army)
-have some mages (if you have some intelligence it’s more effective)
-archers are pretty useless.
-charge with your men is good (especially if you have high strength).
-never send only your knights, send them with soldiers.
-once your army>the rebel army, don’t bother attacking, just send all your troops and you will win.


They seem to have fixed this glitch, at least partly. I am able to get unlimited militia by doing this for the barbarian fight (i finished at 3000 men). But after that fight, you loose them again.


Ah, I see. Well, when I did that, the glitch was still “effective”. :smiley:


I found that out. Ah, at least it works for barbarians. I was able to win later fight thanks to the one of the other comments.