Superheroes are really cool

So who is your favorite superheroes? Mine are superman batman and green arrow from DC Comics and from Marvel they are Spider-man and Iron Man. Anyone else?

Spiderman and Batman are really the only ones I enjoy that much.

I personally like Green Lantern and The Flash from DC, and Spider-Man and Wolverine (the old one, because he is dead now😭) from Marvel.

I always choose the original 70’s Ghostrider as my all time favorite, but I also like the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Black Widow, and Nightcrawler as runners up.

I’ve always liked The Flash, personally, but I also dig the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Batman (Adam West… Just Kidding), Green Arrow, Zatanna, and Nightwing. Aqua-man can be cool of they do him right.

Hancock, of course

Does the doctor count as a superhero? :smiley:

Marvel’s Iceman is the coolest super-hero.

Actually my issue with comics is that characters are written and rewritten generally and there’s no consistency, one writer may write a character awesome, and the next suddenly they’ll be ditching their wife in order to have a psychic affair with an ex-villain.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I might not actually like super heroes. I like them in principle, in practice not so much. I was an Xmen fan though (comics not the movies) because I liked the narrative of these people that were outcasts, who hid who they were from the world and yet still tried to make it a better place despite the discrimination they faced. It’s been over ten years since I even touched a comic so everything below is out of date. Still in mainstream comics (I actually prefer webcomics to be honest since they’re better at providing the sort of heroes I actually want to read).

I liked Psylocke, Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain’s sister, in his shadow. Her psychic powers were never as strong as the other psychics on the X-men team. Who finds herself in a body that’s not her own, and her original body dies. Who finds love with one of the few others who can know what it’s like to have their body altered beyond all recognition.

And Archangel, I like Archangel. Warren Worthington III, privileged rich boy. Who has huge feathery wings. Huge feathery wings on a team where other people can fly and do other awesome stuff too. Or have jetpacks. Huge cumbersome feathery wings, that thing which makes him special and he has to strap them down, hide them under his clothes. Then he gets captured, those wings are cut from his back, and everything that makes him special is gone. He gets captured by Apocalypse, who changes him, reshapes his body, grants him wings again (much more awesome than the original ones) and turns him into an instrument of death, forced to attack the rest of his team-mates.

I liked Psylocke and Archangel. I liked their story. I liked how Archangel went through hell, giving up some of his lifeforce to help save her.

But, Iceman, Bobby Drake is the coolest. He’s the light-hearted jokester of the group, generally, despite everything he’s seen he still manages to keep that sense of humour. He’s actually got the potential to be one of the most powerful mutants in the world, but he’s unlikely to reach his full potential. Emma Frost took over his body and was far better at using his powers than he ever was, despite him having lived most of his life with them. I like him. I like that despite him being one of the longest-serving Xmen no one seems to be beating down his door to make him the leader of any team. So he’s a superhero, one of the most powerful in the world, fails to live up to his potential, can’t keep a girlfriend and has always seemed to me to be rather down to earth.

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Does he wear a cape?

@Finn, of course I do… And the BBC Doctor as well, but he’s lesser known

@FairyGodfeather no but he has a fez. And I totally agree with you regarding ice man.

@Doctor of course it was you I was talking about… (Cough) obviously.

That’s pretty much where I am these days.

There’s only so long you can go when the only superheroes you’re invested in are deconstructions (Watchmen, Marshal Law etc.) until you have to accept that you’re probably not that into superheroes per se.

Moon Knight and to a slightly lesser degree the Punisher and the Shadow.

You know what super hero movie I like? The Incredibles. Not just because it’s a great movie, but it has super heroes trying to conform to suburban life. I want to see more of that, supers taken out of their normal setting and seeing how they adapt to a new setting.
Good character development that.