Super Star Soccer Striker

I’m definitely going to look at that issue today. Thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: Should be fixed now.

It’s kind of strange that we’re allowed to play in all the league games but not in any of the playoff games. Or at least, I haven’t been able to actually play any of the playoff games even though my team has made it to the playoffs each time. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but if it’s not, it doesn’t make sense that we can play in all of the league games but get left out of the most important matches of the season.

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This most definitely is a bug. I’ll attempt to figure it out now.

I looked into the code, and just discovered there was a few small typoes specifically when it came to strength. Strength should be able to be taken to 90 now like other attributes. I believe it capped at 60 before due to a mistake I had made in the code. Ball control had a similar issue. Thanks for pointing this discrepancy out.

Any tips to winning matches,2 losses in a row and only played 2 games and I feel like Prime Derby County in 2007-2008 Premier League Season.

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If you get a prompt you don’t like in game, going to stats and going back gives you a new one.

Nice attempt, always love a sports game but i am going be harsh with you on this, as i have been a life long soccer fan and would love a proper choicescript soccer game, so my apologies for that.

I feel you are choosing the wrong game to model this on. Choice script games cannot compete with fifa or pes or even nss for that matter and nor should they. The animations and more importantly personal skill required when playing those games cannot be replicated on choicescript, For me atleast your game just doesn’t work atleast not as a sand box it currently is.

I think you would be be better off making this game more of a story oriented with key choices for player to shape the story. Right now the whole world you have built comes off as bland and very small. MC is a generic player in a generic league who wants to win a generic cup. I think you need to give the clubs more lore, make them more like how European clubs are, give the players history of the club mc plays for, one club might be like madrid or bayern giants who dominate the game or be like utd or arsenal teams with legacy but not enough winning in recent times or city or psg the nouveau riche who every hates or even a leicester type no hopers who surprise everyone. With different expectations from fans and clubs and thus different reaction to how you perform based of that history and expectation.

May be add continental tournaments not to mention world cup, which is what every player who starts playing dreams of. This game as it is right now, comes off as very American, like someone made an nfl game and just did a did a find and replace of it with soccer and soccer related terms.

Regarding in match stuff, I don’t understand many of the situations I am put in in-game, my player is a striker why does he seem like the last man between opposition and our goal so many times. Why is that?


Going to try and fix that. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely want to add in more story and character, this is just a bare bones functional version for now. Adding history to the teams is a fresh idea, so I’ll take a stab at that. I can try to reword some of the match situations to make it more suited for a striker, my original intent was for as many builds to be valid as possible, and adding in defense gave an extra playstyle.


Great, can’t wait for future updates. Sorry if the critique was a bit harsh.

I really loved this concept. I play the regular football mobile games which are of the graphics and gameplay style (and sometimes turn into show motion during replays because my phone is not good at processing power, but let’s not go there :sweat_smile: ) But this felt new. Sure, text based games can’t replicate the feel of a visual football video game, but I just felt this was fresh and unique in its own way.

Two things I’d like to say:

First, I noticed that the scenario presented to us in a match changes if we enter the stats screen and again return back. For example, I tried this in a few matches, whenever I got the scenario “Opponent team scored in a play you weren’t involved in” I went to the stats screen and came back, another random scenario came up. So I was able to kind of cheat and make sure to avoid the opponent’s scoring in that play. And in when I actually wanted to check my stats to see which skill was high for me so that I can play according to it, this trick became a problem since after I checked my stats and returned, another scenario is picked. This can be a problem, because not every person is familiar with football terms and not everyone can remember the stats of their character.


Just realised @kckolbe too mentioned this same issue, and you already replied to it, sorry for typing it again, but this is the same issue I’m taking about.

Second thing is that we get chances to improve our relation with our partner, media, team and fans, but unless we’re presented any specific event, it’s not possible to build our relation with our family or friends. I just felt increasing the events involving them or adding an option to spend time with them between matches like we have for media, fans, etc would be nice.

That said, looking forward to how this game develops ahead!

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Thanks for the feedback. I was able to finally come up with a solution to the “looking at the stats reset the situation” problem by simply putting a page that says “Play continues” between situations. Will work on it so that it doesn’t always say the same thing, but the current solution is functional.
I’ll likely not be checking this thread much for the next month or so as I’m going to be adding more depth to the game as has been expressed by many. I’ll mostly be checking and updating the opening post to refresh my memory of what needs to be done and then I’ll provide one big update when done.


I have added some depth to the game. There’s still a few things I need to add, but I felt its time to start letting people test the updated version.

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Too many choices that are all downside, no upside. For example, another player trashes you on social media. Firing back seriously grants only negative opinion, and doesn’t increase outspokenness. And the anti-semitic comments one, lose media, family and SO opinion. Maybe if it granted like +20 outspoken I could see it as a quick way to establish identity as a vocal heel, but it doesn’t even affect that. This is really poor from a game design standpoint.

IF should be about making meaningful choices that define your char or affect your path, not just memorize the right answer.

I created a system for outspokenness to skyrocket on this, and to balance it, giving the “safe” answer a small negative to outspokenness to have the impact you requested.

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