Sunless Sea-esque game (Thoughts?)

So I’ve always been a world-builder at heart, I’ve helped DM a DnD campaign, I’ve made maps, wrote histories and timelines, and created new races. Thus, I often tended to veer away from the plot and focus more on the world that I set my poor, forgotten protagonists in.

When I discovered Sunless Sea and Chronicler, it all came together. I could unleash my readers upon the open sea, sailing from port to port and interacting with the people there. The title is not yet set (I find it hard to come up with decent titles.) I’ve already written up the character creation name/gender/background stuff, I’ve already written up the first port interactions where you go supply your ship and get ready to go to sea.

This story is meant to be completely choice-driven. You choose which port you want to sail to, when you want to sail, provided you have enough supplies to reach there, with randomized travel in between. You could choose to make an honest living as a merchant, help various people across the sea, or become rich through piracy and plunder. Would this interest you, as a reader?


Will there be a save system and romance and it’s nit gender locked is it

Not gender locked (although gender plays a mininal part in the story altogether, mainly just for pronouns). Romance again will be minimal (I’m not really a romance writer,) I might look into a save system but it feels like a hassle to implement.

I’d be interested. It seems like a great project and I’d be happy to help.:slight_smile:

This is a WIP right? If yes, would be fairly interested.

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