Suggestions on swapping to new character perspective during dream sequences

So. I want to have a signe where you have the MC’s perspective, then swap to another character’s perspective. Only thing is, currently, I think I am going to do it when your haveing a conversation, it switches to a first person telling.
Only thing is, at this point, the MC would know the other character’s perspective. So. How to differenceate the 2 so it doesn’t look like it’s all just the MC telling the other character?
I am unsure. Please send feedback if unclear.

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Ha ha ha, I do this all the time in a Kiss from Death. Had some complaints that it was unclear or confusing early on, but have received no such complaints for when I implemented it in Aursley’s story. All I did was have a character directly refer to the player using Aursley’s name rather than their own character’s name.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people skim through the text to get to the choices. So I’d include an indication in the choices that something is different as well as in the text. Another method is to be explicit about what you are doing. Like, literally write the words “This section is from ${other_character}'s perspective.


I have the differentiation in the text, I also have a star star star new character name***.
now, I generally prefer to do that for most, just so it’s exactly clear who’s perspective we are looking at now. Also, kiss of death? That a COG game that will be coming out soon? Sounds interesting.