Multiple choices VS *ifs

So. I am in the process of writeing a COG game, though it’s a fanfik of another game, so. We will see what the author of said game thinkis of my fanfik. Anyway. I have run into a bit of a dilema, to do with the sset-up. Sort of.
Right now. I have, your MC, or in this case, because there are 2. MCs, this one is D. Anyway. I have set up some choices. Right now, in this particular seene, your MC has a choice of speaking with 1 RO about 2 other characters. not both at the same time. So. Right now, it’s set up like this:
Choice 1, about first wounded character.
Choice 1, about second wounded character.
Choice 2, about first wounded character.
Choice 2, about second wounded character. ETC.
This is fine, it works, but it’s rather long when you have 4 possible Ros, with each of them, if not being RO, or bloodbonded to the other MC, haveing the possibility of being the wounded party spoken of. Anyway. I am not sure which is better. Doing it the way I have done, or haveing say
Choice 1

 *if X true
  X character name
  *goto X1
 *if Y character name true
  Y character name
  *goto Y_next.

Anyway. Feedback would be apretiated on this. Till then though, hope al who read this have a good day.

The only way I can think of is to limit the number of choices to as much as you can manage, or to go with group interaction rather than 1-on-1 dialogue. How you approach it would be up to you.

If is better…because it will allow you to keep track of which character is being spoken to, especially if you create a specific variable for each character.

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True, at present I’ve set up variables for each of the characters keep track, there is a star if X character name wounded, in front of each choice.
It’s just right now, all the choices take up the vast majority of the current scene. If it works, I’m fine with it, it’s just I was curious if there was a more efficient option.

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I use *if in my choices to do exactly what you describe, try to playtest what you have so far to see if it work before you go too deep. It is always a good way to get read of bugs and broken codes.

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