Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



Can we beat Vampirette using charm?


@Felix_Ronan Pay close attention to the wording of that choice.


You asked for suggestions and I gave a suggestion. But you’re right, there are far better games on here for my simple countenance, so instead of trying with this, I’ll go busy myself with those.


Wow, a bit passive-aggressive here, don’t you think?

Though I actually want to comment on the “right build” part. As was pointed out, there’s indeed some stats that seem a lot more useful than others, and I imagine it’s kind of unavoidable to some degree, since as you pointed out, you’re aiming for a somewhat steep difficulty curve. However, I do wonder if right now, it means there’s a risk that the game ends up rewarding you for playing one way, and actively punishes you if you try to deviate from the norm. I mean, for all I know, the next fight will punish the speed/intelligence godbuild, but that’s only moving the problem.

I actually think you might be unto something with the dandy club. I mean, it’s seriously weird, but I find interesting that the fights here don’t necessarily put an emphasis on stats. You can brute-force it with the right build, but if you happen to have done things a bit differently, you’re not doomed to fail from the start.


@SenorBurrito woah there, I didn’t mean to offend. But if you don’t like it that’s up to you.

@Talyrion I was? I didn’t mean to be. I thought the git gud meme was just funny lol, I remember playing a really hard fnaf game and seeing it every time I lost and laughing. It even made be mad when I hadn’t saved before a loss. It seems my hunor didn’t hit home…

@SenorBurrito I apologize if I offended you. I thought you’d fine that meme funny.

Anyway @Talyrion I have been planning to edit in more choices when the games finished but I haven’t done it yet because I hardly ever get any mention of a specific tough match. The last time was about Sascha so I edited a new option, for endurance as was asked. If you think a particular build or stat is lagging, then inform me.

And no way I’m going to ruin the speed/intelligence build, I have been aware of it being greatly useful for a long time. And the fact that it too this long for someone to point it out reinforces it needs to stay on top.

And the dandy club was my favorite club to create so I’ve already been brainstorming ways to make the next ones form like it, I’ve just been having a hard time keeping up the making a choice that will always lead to a win while simultaneously making it hard. As you saw, the dandy club was quite a departure but I’ll figure it out. Any suggestions?


How about making the next club to have something like a tag team? I’d love to bring Jane or Sascha as my tag team partner with my speed/inteligence build.


Great minds think alike. A (dirty) tag team tournament is already planned as the club before the last club when our character has met every RO so they can choose whichever they want. And believe me, you want the reward from this tournament.

And make sure you’ve treated your RO well or there may be some consequences.


In several of my playthrough I’ve tried to cheat on some of the RO. Particularly Spike, after getting into relationship with him I just go and smash Sascha and so far I didn’t feel like there’s any real consequence. Don’t tell me you’ll dump all the karma on the tag team match🤣


Don’t worry I’m a playa too, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, look at RO list to see who will allow a side bitch.


Hi. I’d like to point out what I think is a bug in the stat_chart. I chose to have been a detective in law enforcement; but the stats call me 100% criminal so far. Shouldn’t it be 0% criminal so far? Or at least close to it?


False bug report homie, your stats only change after you have chosen a suspect in the detective case, based on whether you chose the right suspect or not. You are looking at your stats too early to see the change. It also does specify you get +10 in cops during the next scene.


With Street Jam nearing completion, it is time for me to know what backgrounds are the most popular for my next game.

  • Millitary (Fuck yeah!)
  • Cop (I ain’t done nothing)
  • Detective (Snitch…)
  • Rapper (Authors favorite)
  • Stripper (Pervs)
  • Actor (The standard)
  • Journalist (Frank approves)
  • Dealer (Sell me some)
  • Thug (O.G.)
  • Racer (Speed racer)
  • Baseball star (Batter up)
  • Track runner (Speed is OP)
  • Football tank (Ribs broke)
  • Basketball playa (Get dunked on)

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Military and cop for me.


Baseball star for me, perfect strength and intelligence. You don’t want to be brute with a rock for brain in this game😂


I steel feel like the Military background should give you way bigger stats.


Yeah but so far I’ve never met a strength check beyond 40 or so. While military background boost up so much stength, it leaves the other stat hanging and unable to catch up. Well to each their own I guess🤔


Military should boost strength speed endurance and stamina you know since you have been through Military training


There is a matter of balance to consider too. If military was just flat-out better than the other backgrounds stat-wise, what’s the point?


Maybe cause it would be realistic the jobs in better stats would go 1st.military 2nd.cop 3rd.would be sport or criminal the jobs could even be a difficulty level military would be easy cop would be medium and criminal would be hard.


Frankly, it would be poor game design. Tying difficulty modes to character creation choice is something I find rather distateful in general. Plus, ‘realistic’? Please, this is a game where i just won a fight against a vampire by somehow shooting a laserbeam at it.