Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



Now I’m stuck before that, with the “Beauty & Beast” choice triggering a “line 4440: No selectable options”

Note that it is possible I’m encountering problems due to the fact I loaded a save. I noticed that when you update the game, loading a save made previously sends you to the beginning of the chapter, yet the choices you made are still saved, which can lead to weird situations - such as Sascha still being interested in the MC even if you lose the fight due to the saved game “remembering” you won the first time. It’s convenient to test things, and won’t be a problem in the final product, so I didn’t mention it until now (and I suspect there’s nothing to do about it anyway).

I’ll try with a fresh playthrough, but that’ll take longer.


You can do it Talyrion, I believe in you. Go with the force.Qui-Gon_Force_push


I have tried to play the full demo but I’m always getting errors no matter what my profession is or what choices I make. Is there another demo link other than post 1? Anyway as I was playing this morning before work this is the one I got


here is another one



I keep getting stuck in an endless loop at the beginning of the demo, when the guy asks how much money I bet.


@Checkmate Perhaps you should read the thread so you know what bugs are or are not reported rather than replaying it?

@Blmc000 Thank you

@Red_Eyes I’ve already explained this. For trying to get away with stealing all that money, you must replay the game all over again, you monster. And if you really played it again wouldn’t you have gotten past that choice by making another one?


Well, the way I see it, every time loop just makes the MC stronger (and allows her to make out like a bandit), so it all evens out. (had I known it’d turn out that way, I’d have named her Homura)

Anyway, that dandy club is certainly… something. In most fight clubs, I suspect laser beams would be tournament illegal (along with superpowers, really) but not so here, apparently! I can already feel the randomness shenanigans that the boss fight will entail…


Hi there! The demo is marvelous and engaging, though there are some errors. Especially the frequency of them has been increasing towards the end. The error: non-existent variable ‘vamp’ and some others I don’t remember error titles. It is frustrating a bit. Other than that I loved your game and wish you good luck!


I’ve won every fight in the demo so far, and I feel like if I give away how I’ve done it, Tevin will make sure I’m not allowed to win the next fight, but screw it, I’ll boast anyway. Speed+Intelligence maxing is OP af. I went with the detective background, rich family background, and basically kept increasing just speed and intelligence and every fight has been a cakewalk as a result. Also, I dunno if I would beat Spike or not, because I always just arrest him because it’s easy.


Yup, I purposely made the journalist background have intelligence to compensate for its use of stamina so it was a valid choice. I’m well aware of how powerful intelligence and speed are. I really don’t recommend triple stating though, at least for now.






it’s October not November.


I feel, personally, that the stat checks are way too high considering the fact that if you focus on one stat, such as strength, numerous cases there will be an option where using strength is not possible, and as such you are destined to fail. I tried splitting between strength and endurance and literally still couldn’t even beat Jane with 33 strength. Couldn’t beat the Amazon with 49 strength and 36 endurance even though I picked fight longer. I don’t expect to win everything, but the option to atleast try would be nice.


So, not a bug, but I wanted to say I find it really impressive that according to the title, you managed to update this game one month into the future. Congrats!

Unfortunately, more often than not, the secondary characteristic coming up with strength is stamina.



@Blmc000 Why do you use several comments instead of one? And I have no idea how to fix the first one as I have no idea what that error message means.

@Carson_Lindsey @Talyrion You’ll understand when you get to the next club.

@BigSmoke Already reported.

@SenorBurrito Street Jam is meant to be a much harder game than the relatively easy standard cog’s. Also when I personally made it to the amazon my stats were at 66 and 35, you are lagging behind where your stats should be if you are focusing on two. Also also, the reason you couldn’t beat Jane was because you needed more than strength for that check, rather than you not having enough strength. Maybe Street Jam is just too hard for you, there are a lot of others wip for you to try. One last thing is that someone recently commented with a build that they used to win every fight, so it is actually possible to go undefeated if you use the right build. My advice is to look through the thread for that or…