Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)



There is a vampire in this i did not know that. lol


November is not quite here yet


Yeah well, it kinda seemed that way Bro. But don’t worry, I’m not offended.


I can’t wait for that Def Jam movie, but I’m more excited for the next Def Jam game. Anyway just noticed it says we have as many likes as we have replies. Epic.

@Andrew_Stapleton you really want an easier experience don’t you?

@Felix_Ronan a minority choice.

@Talyrion people actually do that? Sad.

And all of ya’ll need to learn to appreciate the power of rap!!!


Yes yes i do haha i got caught there. I am sorry for the complaining dude.


It is no problem, refer to the guide for help


Big fan of Vampirette, definitely my favorite following Royal of course. Seems like she has another layer of depth to her at the very least and I found her slightly teasing attitude to be funny. Overall 8/10, still would like an explanation for how we went from an underground fighter circuit to a supernatural psychological fight club lol


Anime is probably the answer, we just passed from an arc to another


The mysterious caller truly wanted to see if we were the real deal so they sent us to a club where we would have to win with our mind rather than fists.


Not sure if this is fixable, but toward the end of the Vendetta chapter, after dealing with the vampire club and going to the *nightactivity label, each option leads to a “Vendetta line 7124: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line”.

It is possible that error is only linked to he fact that it is a saved game.


Hi Tevin bro. I just played the game as far as I could get and let me tell you my overall impression of your work is very good. Your writing style is really convincing and I totally enjoy your sense of humor. I like your creativity pushing boundaries - guys fighting girls and the hilariously surreal development of some scenes. You are a talented writer, keep doing, please and thank you for sharing it for free.

Unfortunately there are two bugs (at least - that’s how much I encountered) that get the window freezing and block further play forcing restart. While one was in the bare beginning and was not so much pain the other one I’ve just experienced is in the middle of the third arena night and was quite a frustration. I’ll wait till you assure me it’s fixed before I dare a replay. Also, I’ve nailed some typos, other errors and I have some questions and recommendations I want to share with you. How would you rather me do it - as a PM here, or through email?

Also, I couldn’t exactly get what is the survey about, can you explain more simply what is it about.


Thank you, your kind words and explanation for what you like are very appreciated and better than what about 80% of other commentors on here do lol

A PM would be great if you don’t want to say it on this thread.

And what survey are you referring too?


The one in the end of the parent post - about MC acting disabled - what did you mean.
Sorry I have to go now, it will be quite a lengthy feedback message, I’ll leave it for tomorrow.


I can’t wait, and the poll has been closed but it was disabled in the way of fallout, so just google fallout low intelligence and you’ll see.


This is your traditional bug report! Right now, I’m getting an infinite loading time for the transition between the Vendetta chapter and the Blood, Sweat and Love one.

Also, noticed a typo if you pick Intelligence training (Brushing up your martial arts), with miss Miyagee calling you $(name) - I think the code used ( instead of { ? also, encounter is mispelled enocounter on the same page.


If there is nothing saying why it will not load, there is nothing I can do.

And you were thinking of hone your martial arts but I found it.


Would it be possible to add an option of what type of house we live in?


OK, my man, turns out I can’t write PMs so I’ll share it here. Let’s begin with the bugs as the biggest obstacle.


And second:

Let me know when you’ve fixed these to play again.

I also got a dozen of typos and style errors (missing word, etc.) but maybe this post will become to heavy if I put all the shots here, PM me for them.

A couple more things…

What does each of these highlighted actually mean:

Excuse me, but English is not my native and I sometimes have a hard time processing slang. I googled all of these but nothing. Maybe these expressions are region-specific…?

Also, about wrestling styles:

Again, Google had no answer what is this one.

This one too:

What’s the difference, maybe they affect different stats?

And the scene where you shoot the robber I was a bit frustrated there was no alternative to killing him, though I guess I gotta adopt more hard-ass attitude to make it as a fighter. I was resolved to play as Gandhi style as possible ;D

And a few more suggestions… I think that wrestling girl’s name ‘Franny’ does not really rock. What about a cooler one. Also, the teenage bully ‘Royal’ - maybe better let players here type a name of their choice…
By the way, speaking of names, are you Irish, your name, surname in particular sounds Irish to me. It was only in the end when I realized where New Betts City comes from lol


Better yes, I’d like a third-floor downtown condo in a luxury new building.

Also about the cars, why not switch the ‘hot rod’ for an Audi or a Lexus SUV. Right now fans of posh rides have only the Camaro as some option.


@MrDuke You want to use up money you spend on stats?

@behanchod Nothing appears to be wrong with the second one so I just reordered it, hopefully it works now.

Anyway, the highlighted ones refer to sports in this order: Track, Baseball, football, and basketball.

As for grand standing, when you choose it it will explain what it is too you, but grand standing usually refers to someone showboating or trying to look cool.

Yes, strong weights refer to strength, while hard weights refer to endurance.

And the robber can be spared if your character was not angered by Royal, since you chose your character to be mad they could not control themself. But, if you choose any other choice, you can not only spare but befriend the robber Chet and he will help you later on.

Do you have any other suggestions for Franny’s name? Hopefully one that start’s with an F? And given how many times Royal’s name is stated throughout the game at this point I think it is a bit too late for that, sorry. And I am hispanic-black, my father is black and my mom hispanic. I don’t know of any irish family members lol

And a rich mc can get a limo, I’d say that is the most posh