Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)

Yes, I’ve already stated a few comments up Street Jams link is gone and replaced with Be Mortal now that it has been submitted to COG.


I see. Well good luck and I’ll be hoping for street jam to become the real thing!

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Fingers crossed mate.

I’ll admit I have a soft-spot for stuff like this and Def Jam Fight for NY was the best street fighting game RPG to feature D-Mob ever made, so I can only hope to enjoy your work in the official capacity soon.

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@Francis6489 thanks.

@JacobSteakfries unfortunately Street Jam may not ever come out since I don’t have the funds to hire an official artist for the cover.

Do really need an official artist?

Your story could work with colorful text as the cover.

For instance: find free graffiti style fonts and a creative commons picture of a brickwall, and bam! A quick MS paint png file latter and you have yourself a cover photo


Adding to what @Megus said, here’s another post you might find useful. A little research and some editing, and you’d be good to go.

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@Megus @soprano yeah, I know. I suck at photoshop, believe having a cover like that would not let Street Jam stand out, and I’m nervous I’ll accidentally find a copywrited one.

Where have you looked in regards to finding an artist? You might find one on something like fivr that is affordable with reasonable quality. Hell, one of these forum goers may even do it. Possibly even free just because they like the game. Or even for a free copy lol.

I hope you find something that makes you feel good about how the cover looks, I’d love to play the finished game.

I’ve looked on G+, deviantart, here, and discord for the past several months and the lowest price I’ve gotten was 70 dollars.

I hope so too.

The link goes to the wrong game.

As I’ve said twice, that is because Street Jam is finished so it links to my new wip instead.

Why does it still say Street Jam? Instead of Become Mortal I mean.

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You cannot edit titles in after they are already created

…really? That seems odd. Are you still accepting people for the beta?

Edit: I missed that it has already been submitted. Too bad. I would have loved to play it.

Betas been done for over a month and you do not fulfill the requirements.

Edit: Cool. Pm me.

I assume the requirements are something along the lines of: giving feedback when it was a WIP and following progress. Unfortunately I just now discovered the game but it sounds good.

Yeah that is what it says on OP about the beta. But if you really want to try it, we can talk about it via PMs.

Is the game going to be published?

I have received no message from COG other than one telling me they received it, but considering how many wips they have I assume this is normal… hopefully.

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Oh I hope so. I’m looking forward to reading it again. Been a very long time since I read this one. And if it gets published, then I even get to pay you to read it! I do hope it goes well for you once it is published. I’d like for you to become successful with this and let all of us little folks read all your wips.

All your wips are belong to us!