Street Jam: The Rise -- Become the best street fighter in the city!

What’s the answer for the wrestling move u need to know to get trained?

I was wondering if there are any overpowered builds for this game? The only build I know is speed and intelligence (which is kinda broken tbh)

Sidenote: I fought every match and won but the score said it was 26/28? I know it wasn’t a bug so I was wondering if there were any battles I might’ve miss (I did fight the bonus match)


I remember playing the demo of Street Jam but only for a few minutes. I’m thinking of playing the demo again and possibly buying the game later but then I remember the negative reviews on Steam. Even though there’s only 7 users. All of them are negative except one. Then I recently seen a few people on the forum saying they like Street Jam but I wasn’t able to find the details. Is Street Jam a good game that’s worth buying or no? And is the franchise even still being worked on cause I remember seeing somewhere that there was supposed to be a sequel to it but I still haven’t head any mention of it even now.

There is no sequel at the moment, from what I can tell the author is seemingly on hiatus(?) or not writing anything at the moment from what I can tell with their lack of online presence.

It’s a mixed experience, playing the game. In my opinion the game was fun, but only because I edited the stats frequently to help me with the frustrating stat checks and you’ll likely encounter some coding errors or confusion in the multiple playthroughs you’ll have to do to get the fill experience.

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No, it’s blatant advertising. in the demo it seems like gritty and realistic, but the wacky shit like vampires, aliens, superheroes starts right after demo ends.

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vampires, aliens and superheroes? I thought this was just a street fighting game? What kind of game is this? Do we get powers? And if so, what are the options.

This sentence sounds like it would be funny if someone in-game said “Okay, now that the tutorial is done, we’re gonna start pitting you against vampires, aliens and superheroes and supervillains from now on”. MC “Whoa, whoa, whoa! vampires, aliens AND superheroes!? I thought we were just street fighting!”


They just show up and you fight them, then at some point big G itself resurrects MC to fight again.

Who are all the female ROs. And I thought I saw something somewhere that implied poly by mentioning something about the vampire woman being the only RO who’s monogamous.

As someone who really wanted to like this game… No, it’s not great. It kind of swings between dark & gritty and completely zany, and the writing doesn’t quite manage to sell you on either. There are some good ideas here and there, and some of the fights are fun… But all in all, I think the writing was a bit weak.

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