Storing images

I’m having trouble with saving images locally into the compiled file of a game. When I package up a game the images don’t seem to load. I’ve used URLs as a substitute but don’t want to burn resources on a personal website. Is there a proper way to save images to the game file itself so I can can send it to people without them needing a connection?

You can use CSIDE to turn images into scenes and then compile the game. Or do you particularly need to host the game without compiling it?

I’m open to doing that, how do I convert png images into scenes in CSIDE? Is there a guide?

Open CSIDE, Click on the Project option (top left corner, only visible when in a scene file), check under the Import option it will be the image (as a scene) option, and Select the file you want to insert, a prompt will come up with a command, just copy and paste that wherever you need to insert the image.

Or you can use it as a *gosub_scene option as well. The image texts are often huge so I usually leave them as separate scenes. I think from memory CSIDE prompts you how to do it with the commands from memory when you ask it to convert an image into code.

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Yep, it does, that’s what I meant by copy and paste, it prompts the *gosub_scene.