Stillmoor [working title] - Horror game

@dreamshell: Yes it is a lot of options (and in retrospect I think that I may have been a little over-ambitious at the beginning LOL), but some of the storylines overlap and run into each other (with slight variations) so I haven’t got to write entirely individual plotlines for each of these branches.

For example: playing as a vagrant and a penniless veteran run along similar lines but with small variations depending on what role you have taken.

Yeah, that’s a pretty standard approach. Economical, yet it still allows for that slight difference in customization and gameplay. Really, kudos for wanting to put in the effort. :wink:

And ambition is good! It means you’re excited, which will hopefully translate into a well-written and entertaining game.

Seems like an interesting game but I would have go for less options with better fleshed out differences between the options to allow for more replayability and sense of choice and consequences…
Still, I’m looking forward to the demo. Victorian era seems to be perfect for a horror game.

I have worked a little since my last post on trimming some of the options a little, i’m now looking at plot divergence points where player decisions can spin the plot off in new directions or alter the story entirely.

What’s happenin’?

sounds nice when is it coming out?

Seems promising, You have my support 100% Largejo

Sounds promising, about the options though, since you have bothered to mention it separately, I take it that playing as a member of the Horton household, would in this case presumably tend towards the servants, as opposed to simply being a child, cousin or younger sibling of the Lord or Lady, as unless they are bastard children or something, all actual family members would tend to be aristocrats themselves thus negating many of the appreciable differences.

Still working on the game, can’t give a definite date for release since the time I have available to work on it is quite limited, making progress a bit slow.

In the current (trimmed down) version of the game, the MC is a member of an aristocratic household who has suffered a horrible tragedy; depending on choices made by the player the family could still be a notable power in London society or the tragedy could have reduced the MC to a destitute beggar (or asylum inmate).

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Where is it right now?

Currently working on the first chapter on the game, unfortunately the time I have to spend programming it is quite limited, but i’m chipping away at it when I can :slight_smile:

Going okay at the moment, i’ve reached the end of the first day/chapter on a few of the branches and am nearly done on a few more; got a few more to do and then should have chapter 1 pretty much in the bag.

Once chapter 1 is done i’ll release it for beta testing by people.

@Largejo Count me in.

how isit

I wanna give this a try please :slight_smile:

I’ll be posted the link on the forum for beta testing once the first chapter is complete (hopefully by the end of the week, depending on my work schedule/time available to spend working on game).

yah! i would love to play this game

Take your time. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m willing to wait patiently for something great. :wink: