Steampunk Sky Pirates

Alright, so I have decided to try my hand at making a game. It will be set in a different kind of fantasy, steampunk world.

The story will be about someone joining a sky pirate crew. They can ultimately decide if they want to become a force of good or a force of evil. If possible, I would like to give the option to break free from the crew they have or find a home with their newfound friends.

Though I want to have a fun adventure story, I really want to try and get the romance part right. The game will have four romance options, two male and two female, and you can be straight, gay, or bi.

I am open to any suggestions. Let me know what you think.

I have a good bit of the start already done, and will put it up for people to playtest soon (hopefully).


Is this some kind game that requires to build High relationship with other crew?and what obstacles there will be?
Sorry for to many question it just I never see this kind of story😅

Since the relationships will be very important, you will have to pay attention to how you treat the other members of the crew. There will be different things that each person likes or respects that can increase your relationship with them. On the other hand, there will also be things that can decrease your relationship.

While it is important to have a good relationship with the crew, there will be other challenges like fighting either other pirates or the law.

There will be an end goal, though I am not 100% sure what I want to do yet. Either a certain destination or a treasure that they are looking for.


Maybe you can get ideas from the fact this was steampunk and sky boat? like go to never reach Mountain?for reference you can see study at steampunk,choice of pirate,scarlet sail(my mind usually refreshed and got story idea when try choice of games or wip that not really my thing☺)

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Are you dead set on the “force of good or evil” part? There’s really no reason to go with so something so binary.

Sounds cool i wanna be a pirate! Can i get a robot arm

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Maybe less good and evil but more practical or idealistic? (Good and evil morality really pisses me off)

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Sounds cool can’t I get half a face robot

I’m imagining the whole good and evil part as being more flexible. There will be different options and you could alternate. Maybe you want to help everyone or maybe you only care about helping the people you are close to. I like the idea of practical or idealistic.

Well, for me personally, I never feel like a pirate story is complete without a plethora of queer characters (sexuality and gender wise) :smile:
Idk, just something about a community of people splitting off to forge their own way at the dismay of polite society, but to the ultimate liberation of the crew; where you do what you want, when you want, and say to the hell with everyone’s else’s sensibilities; and where the only thing that matters is your skill and loyalty just always strikes me as the perfect place in fiction for queer characters :slight_smile:
So without even going into morality and obstacles, don’t shy away from getting creative with your cast of main characters.
(translation: they don’t all have to be gruff 30something as-straight-as-a-mast white guys)
The pirate life, can attract many a folk :wink:

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So why are we joining this crew do we have a choice.

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