Steam Controller Layout(s)

I am seeking input.

I was not particularly happy with the default controls for the interactive books on Steam when using a controller. In particular the Steam Deck, because it generally lacks the option of a mouse/keyboard, at least when mobile. The WASD/Mouse layout worked, but I did not find it the most comfortable.

Below is the layout I made, in case anyone has any input on how to improve it. The interactive books have very few controls, so I I added a lot of redundancy for particular tastes (it can control with a trackpad, a less sensitive joystick, d-pad, or gyro). The key things are: it can fully work with just the D-pad and A button, and can control music with the back buttons, since the books lack music of their own.

I uploaded it to Steam for the 4 interactive books I have on the platform.

I have a couple of controllers I could move most of the layout over to (rather than just the Steam Deck), if there is interest… but does anyone actually use, or would want to use, a gamepad for this purpose?

So, the questions.

  1. Any suggestions on the layout?
  2. Is a gamepad layout something that anyone would like to use?