My experience with a Steam Deck

Just for the sake of being a bit more complete with trying Choice game on Linux (I would not call them issues), I will note three small details when playing with a Steam Deck. It is not related to the games themselves, but just to note how it functions on a Steam Deck relative to general Linux desktops.

  1. Due to the way the Steam Deck works, with gamescope in Gaming Mode, there is no window border or “x” in the top-right corner, so it must be exited by pressing the Steam button and pressing Exit Game… unless there is a different method to close them than I am aware of. This is unusual, but functional.

  2. The above use of gamescope also results in a “black bar” to the left and right of the text.

  3. Because, unlike most desktop computers, a Steam Deck lacks a mouse, a default layout using a mouse+mouse wheel setup (for scrolling without using the scroll bar on the right of the window) would result in it working better “out-of-the-box.”

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