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In the game the evil humility pair shows up normally but with the cold kind pair it doesn’t. The Kind comes up on the left with the name and percentage but the Cold doesn’t there’s just the percentage and it’s showing up on the wrong side

		opposed_pair Evil
		opposed_pair Cold

This is an odd thing I’ve seen reported often, and I don’t think anyone has yet managed to figure what exactly causes it.

The easiest fix is writing the stats like this:

      opposed_pair Evil
      opposed_pair Cold
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I’m curious. How is your *create list looks like?

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The last time I remember this happening, it was because there was a blank indented line after the second opposed pair, which would (in your example) cause CS to think Kind was the first element and the blank line was the second. See this for a more detailed description of what was happening—I suspect you have the same problem.


This is my create list

*create femalename "?"
*create femalehaircolour "?"
*create femaleeyecolour "?"
*create malename "?"
*create malehaircolour "?"
*create maleeyecolour "?"
*create friend1 "?"
*create friend2 "?"
*create assistant1 "?"
*create assitant2 "?"
*create friend1friendship 30
*create friend2friendship 30
*create malefriend "?"
*create femalefriend "?"
*create malefriendship 60
*create femalefriendship 50
*create assistantfriendship 50
*create evil 50
*create humility 50
*create cold 50
*create kind 50
*create determination 50
*create stubbornness 50
*create smarts 50
*create mindchanged 0
*create bully "?"
*create gender "?"

Thanks that seemed to work

Well, I don’t think this is what’s causing the problem, but for the record, you don’t need the stats for your right-side opposed pairs (humility and kind). CS doesn’t actually consider opposed pairs to be two separate variables; coding-wise, it treats evil and cold as individual variables that start at 50 and go up and down.


Yes. I recreated the bug by adding a blank line at the end of the opposed pair.


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