Stats help

I’ve tried to do this - Generate Statistics About Your Stats

and… idk how to…
What I did is -
saw that 9 files were changed from the original file and then just changed those 9 files by simply copying the file and pasting it into the one that I have.

Though I’m still not getting the option to save the stats in an excel file and get a graph and stuff, it just runs a randomtest and doesn’t do anything else. I’m really sorry for asking again and again but well… I’m just sorry :sob:

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If you are using the web version the images need to be in the /web/mygame folder and the scenes in the /web/mygame/scenes folder

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Thanks a lot :heart: :heart:
Also, what about the result??

It means that some lines haven’t been reached by the quicktest. Make sure those lines are reachable by the player, otherwise, you’ll have parts that are impossible to access, and thus irrelevant. If they are reachable just ignore the warning.

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So… for every untested part, I’ll have to check it manually, right? Is there any other way around it??

No that I know of. Maybe you can go backward, or use the variable stat generator to check if your stats are in the correct range to get to that choice if it is blocked by a stat check.

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Yes, quicktest will not take into account if a part is reachable stat-wise or not. You can use randomtest to check that.

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Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart:


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