Stats Chart - Table Style

Hello and good day to everyone,

I think many of us here want to beautify the stats screen without percentage, we already have:

  • red-bar with percentage
  • red-blue-bar a.k.a opposite pair, with another percentage
  • but there are cases when we want to show stats without percentage, but it only comes with label-and-text. It fairly acceptable but the problem arise when each labels doesn’t have exact same length and the stats will look like this:

  • Strength 50
  • Intelligence 25
  • Leadership 14
  • Charm 22
  • Money 100,000
  • Fame 1221
  • *numbers doesn't line up neatly and more stats means messier display

    I want it to have a table-style display, it’s an improvement from what “stats_chart” command already have, it should look like this: (Screenshot taken from excel sheet)

    we can decide the cell length for the label, and then a separator for variables that will be shown, alignment is not a big deal so it can be skipped.
    this table-style also can fill up the middle and right part of the page that mostly untouchable, and yes I understand that the limit has to be added to prevent the table from getting too wide and cause problem on mobile display.

    this feature will turn label-and-text stats display very neat, can we have this in the future?

    thank you


    I don’t personally find the table style very attractive, but this is a really great resource if you do.

    Wait, I misread that. No, I have no idea how to do this! Oh well.

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    You can’t do that with choicescript only.