Stat bars of not lined up


This isn’t a big deal, but as a perfectionist, it kind of bugs me. :slight_smile:

Sample Code:

percent nice
percent accurate

I see that it begins the bar at the end of the word. Is there a way to align the start of these graphs so it looks pretty? :slight_smile:


You need to keep them in the same *stat_chart to do so. One way is to create a couple of dummy variables to display personality/combat.

For example:

*set dummy_personality "Personality"
*set dummy_combat "Combat"
  text dummy_personality -
  percent Nice
  text dummy_combat -
  percent Accurate

There are a bunch of different ways you can go about displaying the dummy variables. I’d recommend experimenting to see what look you like the most.


Perfect! Thanks, you rock!

Here’s what I did:
*temp colon
*set colon “:”

text colon Personality
percent nice
text colon Combat
percent accurate

Works like a charm! :slight_smile: