Stat indicators

So I got this idea of putting stat indicators for those who enjoy that kind of thing, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier way of hiding them for those that don’t. So far, I’ve thought of adding it like this:

"If StatIndicatorHider = True"
        #choices without stat indicator
            *goto choice_1 
    *goto continue 
    *goto continue
*label continue
    #choices with stat indicator [b]Indicator[/b]
        *label choice_1 
        *set something +1

Is there an easier way of doing it?

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I use the multireplace function, so I’ll have something like:

    #choice text @{StatIndicatorHider text to indicate the stat hint | }
        normal stuff that happens when the choice is chosen

That’s how I’ve been doing it too. It means the choice sections don’t get too cluttered.


huh, didn’t know choice script had that lmao, thanks!!

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No problem!

Note that the way I wrote it assumes you want stats shown if StatIndicatorHider is true. If you want it to show stats when it’s false, you would put the stat hint text after the |.


I was doing something similar, but instead of using multireplace, I used set variables, since the indicator text would always be the same. This is an ad hoc example:

// startup.txt

*create rom_tag "[b][❤️][/b]"

Would you like to see indicators?

    # Display indicators
    # No, disable indicators.
        *set rom_tag ""

// example.txt

"I'm glad we could spend this time together," she says with a smile.

    # "I've enjoyed every moment too. Thank you for everything."
    # "Yeah, it wasn't too bad considering it was you." 
    # ${rom_tag} "We should do it again sometime."

So, when rendering it would show like this:

Like this, you can disable or enable specific tags and avoid multireplace verbose syntax.


Well, I did learn the uses of “multireplace” This honestly is much more easier to implement, and WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!! XD Thanks a tonne!


This might be unwelcome advice, but if you create rom_tag as “” and "[:heart:] " instead of " " and “[:heart:]”, you’ll avoid the tiny space created in front of the choice when the tag is disabled, keeping all the choices aligned. If you look at the third choice you can see a slight gap.

You also would have to go in an cut out the spaces like this:

# ${rom_tag}"We should do it again sometime."