Quick question about hiding stats

According to the online guide (http://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/customizing-the-choicescript-stats-screen/) if you wanted to have Magic as a hidden stat, the code in the choicescript_stats file would be:

*if KnowsAboutMagic
percent Magic

I then have the following line in the startup file:

*create KnowsAboutMagic false

I then have the following line in one of my later files, when I want the player to see the stat:

\*temp KnowsAboutMagic true

However, it still doesn’t appear in the stats screen.

Could someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong?

If I’m not wrong, *temp is used to create a new, temporary variable. Try using *set and tell us the results, if we’re lucky it will be just that :slight_smile:

@Aquila Thanks! I’ve just shut down my computer for the evening, but will give it a shot when I’m back online.

Does anyone else find coding strangely addictive? I’ve just started writing a game this evening, which probably wasn’t a smart move on a work night.


In startup you do this

*create knowsaboutmagic "false"
*create magic ""

and in the stats you would have

*if knowsaboutmagic = true
		percent magic

and then when you want it to display, you do this

*set knowsaboutmagic true

It works! Thank you both.