Stat displaying


Is it possible to display in stat screen HP like “HP: 5/5”? I already created a maxhp and an actualhp variable, but I don’t know how to display it the way I want.


You mean like:

HP: {actualhp}/{maxhp}


When I try the script you said, it shows 5/5:5. How can this be solved?


It sounds like your ${maxhp} has something unexpected in it. Try just this:

Your Max HP is ${maxhp}

You’d expect it to say “Your Max HP is 5”, but I bet it’ll say, “Your Max HP is 5:5”, which means that somehow you’ve accidentally set maxhp incorrectly; somehow you put a colon in your maxhp.


whether I use “text HP {actualhp}" or "text HP {maxhp}” it shows up as “5:5”.
And in my Startup.txt the values are set as:
*create maxhp 5
*create actualhp 5

I decided to write in choicescript_stats
text "HP: " ${hp}

and in-game it shows up as:



You could do it like this:

*create health “HP: 5/5”

And then whenever you want to change it you can just go:

*set health “HP: 3/5”

Would that work? I’ve done barely anything in a stats screen.


It shows up in-game like “hp: HP:5/5”, haha.


Well, after playing a bit with the code while implemeting Jobs and stuff like that, I randomly found the answer to this problem. If somebody ever needs it, the code in Choicescript_stats must be like this:

text “{hp}/{maxhp}” HP

Don’t forget the quotes, and the “HP” at the end is a must, otherwise it would show up in game like 5/5:5/5, supposing 5 are your actual and max HP values.