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I’m working on a game where the player has, among other attributes, three stats called Power, Guile and Magic. I want to allow them to choose the distribution, if you like, of these stats near the beginning of the game.

Looking at the possible combinations, there are two potential ways to offer choices. One is to allow the player to either have a big bonus on one stat, or a medium bonus on two stats (for example, +20%Power and nothing to Guile and Magic OR +15%Power, +15%Guile, nothing to Magic), and to leave the other stat low. The other option is to always increase two stats, but one by a larger bonus and one by a smaller bonus (for instance, +20%Power, +10%Guile and nothing to Magic). This is a bit difficult to convey like this, as obviously I’ll have to think about what exactly to make the value of the bonus in each case, but what would you prefer? What would be better in terms of gameplay opportunities?

  • Big bonus to one stat OR equal but smaller to two
  • Big bonus to primary stat and medium bonus to secondary stat

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Please feel free to comment on this and explain things further. I am very new to making games, so any help from anyone more experienced with balancing these sorts of things would be appreciated.

In terms of gameplay opportunities, I think as long as there are opportunities to increase the stats later in the story then either option is fine. Just avoid making the decision feel like a mistake while ensuring that it’s manageable - coding wise - on your end and I think it’ll work out.


In these cases it’s a little finicky because in these games the author tends to only let the player follow 1 stat at a time example being.


Choose your profession
   *set asdfgh +20

   *set lkjhgf +20

And later in the game with a few more little choices with stat increases (+4,+3,+2,+1,)

  *selectable_if  (qwerty => 30) #Do this.

  *selectable_if  (#zxcvbn => 30) #Do this.

Making it literly impossible to follow different actions at 1 time.

What I usually do (since I don’t like using fairmath) is taking the total amount of each stat your able to gain divided by 2 plus 1/3 of the half divided (round up in any case 3.33 rounds up to 4.)

30/2=15 1/3 of 15= 5

This makes it possible for the player to follow at least 3 stats if done correctly. Maybe even less if you divide by 1/4 or 1/5 instead.

The only drawback in this case is that its tedious you might mess up the equation, and you might not have enough stats for this method to work.

I have been struggling with this myself. I tend to lean on giving one big stat increase and then a smaller one. I think the choices that would correspond to said stat increases would be important to take note of. In my game, the first few choices are about deciding where the MC hails from. If the MC is from a frigid land with a militarized governent, I think it would make sense to make it +15 Endurance, +10 Combat Ability, and +0 Magical Aptitude.

If your stat allocation scenario doesn’t involve creating the MC’s personality or history, perhaps you could also simply ask the players to distribute the stats themselves via input. As already mentioned, it should be fine either way as long as you make sure to give opportunities to increase some stats later on in the story. I think that should balance things out too. You may also consider decreasing stats as well. Just my two cents. Don’t know if I really helped.

Good luck with your game!

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Here’re some questions that might help you:

  1. Is there any benefit to getting a max boost on any stats early on?
  2. In relation to point one, is there any risk/disadvantage in neglecting a stat?
  3. What does being a balanced trade-jack gives you, and what does it take away?