Choosing Specialty Stats

Hello everyone! I have a question about how to set up a certain situation. Right now, I have 15 stats in my game. They start at 3, and I’d like to have a section where you can choose two stats to boost higher. I was originally planning on doing this by setting up a *choice with each of the stats as an #option- then each option would *hide_reuse and *goto start. However, I’m not sure how I can limit it to only choosing two stats before you have to move on to the next section. I hope this makes sense! I’m just trying my hand at the system and have no experience with anything similar, so it’s a bit confusing.

Some thing like this ought to suffice:
*create counter 0 *label test_your_might! *if counter >2 [tab]*goto thenextscene *choice [tab]#Test your might. [tab][tab]*set counter + 1 [tab][tab]*goto test_your_might [tab]#Test your l33t c00king skillz. [tab][tab]*set counter + 1 [tab][tab]*goto test_your_might [tab]#CHECK YOUR REFRIGERATOR! [tab][tab]*set counter + 1 [tab][tab]*goto test_your_might

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If you create a variable for how many boosts the player has remaining, you can use an if command to move on once the player has used two.
For example:

*temp stat1 5
*temp stat2 5
*temp stat3 5
*temp stat_boosts_remaining 2
*label statboosts
*if stat_boosts_remaining = 0
 *goto endscene
 #Stat 1
  *set stat1 +3
  *set stat_boosts_remaining -1
  *goto statboosts
 #Stat 2
  *set stat2 +3
  *set stat_boosts_remaining -1
  *goto statboosts
 #Stat 3
  *set stat3 +3
  *set stat_boosts_remaining -1
  *goto statboosts
*label endscene

Thank you both! I’ll experiment with those options and post here with results.

This method worked for me! Thank you!