Startup text not making changes?

I’ve begun my story, and have made changes to the startup page. I continuously open the default game in Microsoft Edge(it auto opens it there) and copy and paste the link from Edge to Firefox.

After I’ve made my changes, I save the file “startup” under UTF-8.

When I refresh the page, nothing has changed at all. I’ve been struggling with this for 20 minutes, and I feel as if I am doing something wrong. I don’t know what exactly is incorrect. Can someone help me out?

The first thing is to make sure you’ve saved your changes in startup.txt. I know it sounds obvious, but I code in notepad++ with many files open and sometimes forget to save changes before I start testing. It can be infuriating, but is now the first thing I check.

Okay, obvious aside, you don’t need to use Edge. Just right-click the index.html file and select open with… Firefox. It should load right up.

Edit: also make sure you are using the index.html file in the web/mygame folder. Not the one in the web folder.

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I actually just figured it out, I was typing in the “*comment” area instead of the actual text.

I need to be more observant…

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