🔪 Stab the Assassin!

You are the captain of an interstellar ship when you get a message that one of your crew members has possibly become infected with Space Fever, a dangerous illness that causes people to become murderously violent.

Can you eliminate the threat before your entire ship is destroyed?

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This game was inspired by the 1970s computer game classic Hunt the Wumpus (HTW) and the 2018 video game Among Us, however, there are some key differences.

It is different from HTW in that you aren’t blind, and you need to be in the same room as the infected crew member in order to stab them. But the layout of the ship is inspired by HTW.

My game is also different from Among Us in that you are NEVER the “imposter”, otherwise known as the infected crew member.

There are 10 crew members aboard your ship, and each of them will move and act independently, so pay attention to what they are doing!

As usual, any and all feedback, including bug reports, typos, etc., is welcome :wink:


play link: >>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<


I can’t help but notice an inability to stab. The option is greyed out, even though there’s obviously a crew member in the same room as me. What’s missing? (Perhaps someone needs to die first?)

Also - no map?

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The premise sounds fun, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t end after the Galaxy Explorer!

Now, I’ve only watched Among Us gameplay, and heard about HTW (revolutionary game for it’s time), but I feel it emulated them nicely. I’m still going to agree with Pheriannath and suggest adding a map, maybe on the stats screen? I was lost for quite some time, all alone wandering through empty rooms while wondering if I’m gonna get bonked over the head by the infected. Depending on how many maps you’re going to add, a simple image could work.

But great work so far! I’m sure I’ll come back to this to hone my detecting skills in the future.

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Wow, you are like a productively machine! And this sounds really fun; I’m looking forward to playing it on my break later! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you all for your input. I’ve also fixed a slew of minor bugs, but one remains outstanding that I’ll try to fix today (the first time an infected person breaks a control panel, the stat screen shows 2 broken panels instead of 1).

As for the specific issues raised so far in this thread:

  1. I’ve now added a map to the stat screen.
  2. You cannot stab anyone until an outbreak is confirmed on the ship. That’s why the option to stab is grayed out, at first.
  3. The infected person will never attack you UNLESS they’ve already killed everyone else on the ship. And then you get into a duel :crossed_swords: using my custom fighting engine (that I’m still refining).

Other than that, some folks told me privately that the game was too easy while others say it’s too hard. Sounds like the right balance to me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Next game coming up: my interpretation of Senet/The Royal Game of Ur, the world’s most popular board game for more than 3,000 years! Played by the ancient Pharoahs! :palm_tree:

It’s supposed to be easy enough that a child can play it, but an experienced player can deploy tons of strategy.


Hi Sam, I didn’t get the option to stab until someone had been killed. Didn’t get it when the outbreak was confirmed.

Crewman Sage is the person I killed

Small typos: I am the bridge

Chocolate seems to be everywhere

Wow this is a lot of fun. The only thing I find frustrating is, that crew members leave before they get observed. Also is it normal that a corpse is rotten, If I enter the rooms right after the attack message?

A more complex Version, like werewolfs or witches of salem could also be a lot of fun

Basically, it IS Werewolves, which around where I live, is called Mafia (thanks, Andrew Plotkin who made the English version) :stuck_out_tongue: because that was the inspiration for “Among Us.” Which is the only time I saw the game in video game format (I got introduced to it as a game that you play in bars with other people).

I’ve updated the “rottenness” of the dead person’s corpse so that it doesn’t mistakenly indicate that they’ve been dead for a long time :skull_and_crossbones: Thanks for the tip!

And yeah, the crew members DO love to move about, especially if they’re guilty!


Thanks for catching these typos and mistakes! :+1:

The crew’s colors are assigned randomly (from a list of 50!), so there is occasionally some overlap with two crew members the same color.

I’ve now added a new scene at the beginning where you can review the crew list and change it (because I’m way too tired to code in a whole thing that makes sure colors aren’t duplicated - something I’ll probably do when I make my omnibus). This should help minimize the chance of confusion/overlap.

That being said, the crew member who helps you AFTER you resolve the case should NOT be someone who is dead :laughing:


Yah, thanks for bringing this up.

Initially, I had it so you can stab the infected person as soon as the outbreak was confirmed, but then I realize it’s kinda weird to name the game “Stab the Assassin” when the poor space fever guy hasn’t yet killed anyone.

So I changed it to being that you can only kill them AFTER they’ve murdered at least one crew member, which is how it’s set up now because I thought it’d be kinda cool to have them wreck the ship a little first. But I could change it back with one line of code.

Question for everyone on this thread: Do you think it’d be more fun to stab the infected person BEFORE they kill or only after?

  • Kill the infected crew member AFTER they’ve murdered a coworker (and thus proven that they’re dangerous)
  • Kill the infected crew member as soon they start wrecking the ship, and hopefully before they kill anyone

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Since there is a statistic that counts the kills, I would like to be proactiv in the suspect :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you do not mind, then I would try to make a more complex Version, more like the town of salem game

I’d personally like the option to stab whoever I want right away.

…What? Everyone knows a great Captain trusts his gut.


Now there seems to be a Bug? I was in the room where a Crew member was attacked, but the only Person who was with me was Not guilty? And had left the rooms, while being there? strange thing

Ah, I finally played Among Us after a long time :blush:

Just two errors I've noticed:

I think it should be Aft Port Thrusters

I think the part about promotion is common everytime, while just our rank changes, but I think it would be nice to have a different message after we achieve Supreme Commander.

oops, that’s what happens when you do a map too fast!

Thanks to one and all for your input, bug discoveries, etc. To @Kaelyn - feel free to make your own Werewolves/Mafia/Among Us game!

I’m now working on my next game, so I won’t put in anymore changes until I wrap up everything for the omnibus, but here’s what the updated verison WILL have:

  1. Map (correctly labeled hehe) disappears if your rank is higher than Captain
  2. Every time you get promoted, one additional crew member is added to the ship (the more crew, the harder it is to find the infected one).
  3. Likewise, every time you are demoted, the crew size will go down by one.
  4. Custom messages for each promotion/demotion
  5. Commanders and above will be able to Stab! the infected person immediately and NOT have to wait until they start wrecking the ship.
  6. A “Sleuthing” bar on the stat screen that shows your efficiency ratio (successful stabs divided by # of innocents who die)
  7. Some more achievements that I’ve yet to determine

That’ll have to wait until my next two games (already plotted and in development) are done, so it’ll be a few weeks.

Until then, enjoy playing the game as it is now, and feel free to post any more bugs/mistakes you find! :partying_face:

PS - Sometimes, the uninfected crew members act weird (but not homicidal or destructive). Not a bug, just a feature to keep you on your toes!

PPS - hey @moderators any clue why ALL games in the Hobby thread are listed “private”? If you’re not logged in, you can’t access any of the threads, and it makes it a real pain to click the “Discussion” link on DashingDon and then be told “this page doesn’t exist”. I think it’s identical to how the “Adult” category is set up - THANKS :pray:


Yes, the Hobby Project category requires being logged in in order for it to be seen.

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Why is it hidden?

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