Spring Thing (IF Contest)

I figured I may as well post this on the forums since it’s on the blog but not everyone seems to read the blog.


Anyone thinking of entering?

No i haven’t enough writing level but cheer the others writers here :slight_smile:

Hmm. The deadline looks about right for Rebels… But the requirement to keep up a free version permanently is a bit of a deterrent for people trying to make a living (or some share of a living) off these kinds of games.

I suppose for a series, it would be a way to publicise/hook people on the first game. Still, I’m not sure that would be worth the forgone sales; so probably best for moneygrubbing folk like me to bow out and let it be (as it was clearly intended) an incentive for free game development.

I will be holding mine in July and August and no entry fee :slight_smile: but cant do the big prizes like they do.

I agree about that. It needs to be a complete game, of reasonable length, which hasn’t been published or posted anywhere before. That coupled with needing a free game to remain there, doesn’t really lend themselves to submitting a Choice of game there. The idea of also needing a walkthrough doesn’t really appeal to me. Add to that a $7 entry fee.

I’d be interested in seeing if there’ll be any Twine entries though. In fact I may pick up Twine and try and write something for the contest using it. There’s a few features, such as changing words in the text, which I’d love to try out. I’ll likely have to scrounge up the money to enter though and hope that inspiration strikes.

I suspect that entering something that’s not a text adventure (or whatever they’re called nowadays) with a parser may have audience issues.

I’m thinking about it. If I can get around to setting up various social media accounts, and a blog and that sort of thing, then I might also consider entering the contest. Even if it’s a small amount of exposure and a chance at a small prize it may be nice.

I really dislike the fact that you have to write up a walk-through too, surely if it’s a well designed game (and worthy of winning) there should be no need for one? :confused:

I’m glad they clarify that the game can be previously released as long as the competition version has considerably more content though, as I’d be uncomfortable submitting something that’s not had at least some small level of public exposure.

I guess it could be fun? $7 isn’t an outrageous amount.

@lordirishdas I’m definitely going to attempt yours again! :slight_smile:

@CJW the rules were written with parser games in mind, not multiple-choice ones.

Ahhh, my bad. We can enter multiple choice ones though?
People’s ideas of what an IF game is seem to differ quite a bit.

@CJW “People’s ideas of what an IF game is seem to differ quite a bit.”

It’s really quite simple. There are those who believe that if you’re not actually typing something in order to play, it’s not IF… and then there’s everybody else.

Welcome to the ranks of the plebs. :wink:

Pleb and proud. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see anything in the rules to state that it was parser only games.

I’d think, since it’s connected to those communities they’re the people who are most likely to enter though, and judges may be more likely to be biased in favour of those games, due to personal preferences for those sorts of games. But perhaps not.

@Vendetta @Havenstone
Consider me assimilated @-)

Could always make an IF game about playing an IF game, victory by befuddlement :smiley:

Multiple-choice games are definitely allowed in Spring Thing. But, historically speaking, the competition was originally created for parser games.

OK cool, I don’t see anything in the rules saying we can’t actually start developing said game now… As long as we don’t release it before we submit it to the competition, does anyone think or know otherwise?

I’ve no idea. Send them an email and ask?

“A game containing some previously released material, such as one evolved from an IntroComp or Ludum Dare entry, is okay, provided the entry mostly feels like an unreleased game, in the judgment of the author. A full six-chapter story based on a one-chapter preview is fine; just a new ending or updated mechanic to something previously released is not.”

Pretty much answers that question (you can use stuff from last years’ related competitions).

Yeah, you can definitely start now (that’s why I posted it), or use material you’ve already written, as long as you haven’t publicly published a finished draft.

I’d sign up but… Record labels. Gotta make my new perfume line.
It’s called
By Idiote

To be fair, I think it is possible to make a parser-based game in CS. For example: we can have the player input a “command” variable, and have a script check to see if it matches up with actions available to the player, and progress the game that way.