Spaces within Variables

Now, I’ll feel dumb since this probably has a simple solution, but I’ve looked around and nothing seems to work?
I’m just tryin to put a space in my variables and CSIDE is having an seizure over it. In Wayhaven Chronicles, but you have the opposed pair,by the books. Basically what I am trying to do. Here is the code for the startup and the stats .txt


*scene_list startup

*create Name""
*create Gender""
*create Occupation""
*create Money""
*create Health""
*create Hair “”
*create Eyes “”

*create Brutality “50”
*create Impulsive “50”
*create Persuasion “50”
*create Caring “50”
*create Charming “50”
*create Lawful Good “50”
*create Pack Animal “50”
*create Deduction “50”



opposed_pair Lawful Good
Lawful Evil
opposed pair Pack Animal
Lone Wolf
opposed_pair Deduction

When you create a number variable, you don’t need to use quotation marks. Using quotation marks makes it a string variable

*create brutality 50

Also, when you are creating variables, you can’t use spaces

*create lawful_good

In the stats page you can do this

  percent lawful_good Lawful Good
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Perhaps not, but that isn’t the problem since it does it regardless of what way I do with quotation marks or not.

Ah okay thanks, didn’t think of that.

That’s because variables can’t have spaces, see edit above

Do I have to do just percent? I’d much rather an opposing pair, but it tells me the variable doesn’t exist.

You can do either, it was just an example for the code

Strange, it only seems to work with percent and not opposed pair. I’ll play with it a little longer before I just give into making it a percent.

When you make an opposed pair, you only really have one stat, and it should look like this

*create lawful_good 50


  opposed_pair lawful_good
    Lawful Good
    Lawful Evil

Obviosuly you can substitute whatever, but that’s the format. This page might be helpful to you. Also check out the wiki

One last thing, although the quotation marks might not have been messing you up earlier, you’ll need to get rid of them in order for the code to understand it’s a number

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Ah, okay thanks, I’ll try that.

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I don’t know if this is what you’re doing but:


*create alignment 0
*create good_evil 0


  *opposed_pair good_evil
    @{alignment "Lawful"|"Neutral"|"Chaotic"} Good
    @{alignment "Lawful"|"Neutral"|"Chaotic"} Evil

The reason why I didn’t use a string for alignment is because it can be changed anywhere, and if I misspell it in one place, I won’t find out, and also, the alignment is only displayed on the stats page.

Don’t need the quotation marks but that’s certainly a way to do it!