Inserting spaces, or invisible character " "

Yet another simple question.

How can I add multiple spaces into a single line ? Should I assign a variable with " " and call the variable to create spaces?

Or tab character?

I would like to see my stats screen tidy :worried:

Edit: For anyone looking for similar topic. Here’s the answer
Modifying javascript files should allow you to insert invis-char

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Does   work?


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Umm… nope
EDIT: REMOVE THE FRICKIN PIC :scream_cat: (curses upon tinypic xD)

Should I use block parenthesis [ ]?

Could try it. I expect you just can’t insert spaces into the game like that though. You’d probably need to hack the game files in order to get some extra spaces (which then wouldn’t be publishable).

Try your space variable idea though.

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CS still treat it as your usual " " character

I guess I have to deal with it then :v

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You might be able to code in spaces using similar code to that used to code in colours.

I’m not certain if it’d work though, since spaces are important in a programmy way in choicescript.

I’d probably just try and live with it though.


Eheheh… I think I’m not going to touch any sacred javascript files :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Heh probably for the best. :slight_smile:

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I use a variable:

*create space " "

But would similarly love to hear if there is a shortcut. :blush:

Think I tried

*set variable ((space&space)&space)

But can’t recall if it worked. I’m on the train at the mo, so can’t check.

@Charles_Parkes, doesn’t work, just tested to make sure. Pretty sure ChoiceScript strips down all multiple space characters down to a single space after everything has been converted to text.


@stainedofmind That’s actually and HTML thing, but yes, normal spaces are stripped down to single spaces.

Non-breaking spaces do technically work Copy Paste: ( ) or Alt+0160, but 1) it’s not what they are meant to be used for, 2) it can make your writing look funky and messed up if you have them in the wrong places for the page (which will be inevitable with different sized devices) and 3) why? (no, seriously, why? Most of the time it’s better to not use extra space in design.)


I don’t know myself :confused:
Well, the 'ol high-school class tell me this typograph used for poems…

Ah. Good times. That was weird, good poem.

Well, TBH I was thinking whether can I arrange these numerical stats horizontal-ly or not so they don’t take much vertical spaces.