Soul Gambler - What is the price of your soul?


This game was not made with ChoiceScript and is much more “image intensive” than a typical Choice game, but I think we have an overlap of target audience and people from here might enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Soul Gambler ( places the player on the role of Faust, a man who sees his life change after receive a proposal from a mysterious gypsy.
The current version already have a preface and the Chapter 1, but to continue the story we created a Kickstarter ( to get the founds to continue the game.

Play the game (is available in several platforms) and let me know what you think of it!


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That is some Unique Choicescript. But I can’t even play it for some reason.

The game was not made by using Choicescript, we created our own engine to do it.

What problem are you having with the game? Sometimes takes a while to start loading. You could also try to download one of the apps version of the game, or even the PC version. The loading time is way smaller, the resolution of the images are better and they have sound as well.

Oh, I was speed-reading it and missed the “not” part. xP

Haha that happens. I hope you enjoy the game :slight_smile:
If you have more technical problems, send me an email ( and I will follow up with our devs.

Why are almost all the new games gender loxked

@Roslyn_samalt06 It isn’t a ChoiceScript game.

I know. That but Still I am tired of male mc locked games.

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@Roslyn_samalt06: Locking the gender reduces the number of variables on the game, making a bit easier to have a consistent story. I would guess that is the reason why new games prefer to lock the gender.

Yes but more that 50% of them are male gender locked

$5 and a twinkie

Cant play, download wont open on my tablet and play online brings you into a loop of websites

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE Please report bug reports to them, not here.

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE What is the model of your tablet?

Kindle fire

Yeah… I wouldn’t use Facebook as your (only online) medium.
Not everyone is comfortable downloading random .exe(s) - no offense intended.

I feel that it is rather unsporting to post a game on the CoG forums if you haven’t used Choicescript.

Like @CJW said, I dislike the fact that you have Facebook as your only online medium, you should try and have other online ways of accessing the game, maybe running it through your own website, as I keep my Facebook as ‘vanilla’ as humanly possible.

Though I, too, dislike the use Facebook as a medium for such games, I’m sure that the “Others interactive fiction” is here for these reason.

And I’m tired of unfinished games or games with simple gender swapping. I would rather have a well-polished game with established character. Most of the time when a new game appears, I see people, male and female alike, complaining about gender choices, or the lack thereof.
Is it so difficult to play as the opposite sex?
Are your pride as a man or woman, your masculinity or feminity so easily threatened?

I hope authors will not be swayed through popular demand, (or vocal minority) and only do what they think is the best for their game.

@CJW and @JBails: We do have a vanilla version: . We didn’t realize that some people would prefer to not play on Facebook.
Also, if you don’t feel comfortable downloading .exe files, I would recommend you to use the Chrome App version of the game:

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE: We did not test the game on a Kindle Fire, but if you try the vanilla version, it might work. Another alternative is to directly download the .apk file:

@Ksu: We like to hear any feedback from our users and our goal is to always make sure they are a great game experience, but the ultimate call is ours. Our policy is not to do everything players ask, but to do everything they ask AND we believe is a good idea AND we have resources to do the change.

You should post this on the lemma soft forums, they are a whole community that create and play interactive fiction.