Sordwin by Thom Baylay


The RO you chose in the first game will be still here it you too?

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I wish there would be dialogs that would acknowledge that I already have a partner (with daisy) yet the game acts as if she isn’t even involved except for a few mentions and short scenes during the exposition bits.

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I haven’t played the demo yet but yay. it’s here!! This is one of the releases I’m most hyped for this year. I’m ready to play buddy cop or roaring rampage of revenge w/ my boi Gunther :sunglasses: cough …or you know maybe a romance subplot cough

I hope the other characters in Book 1 at least have cameos (or references/easter eggs about them) tho


This is my first time posting here but I loved Evertree and I’m really looking forward to the sequel! I can just imagine all the shenanigans Luehel and Dandy will be getting up to :smiley:

And Naeva and Gunther’s buddy cop adventures, of course. (Though she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t eyeing that half-orc booty)


Absolutely amazing! I have played the first chapter of Sordwin, twice, and I find myself constantly thinking about the story. Great work!


Finally finished playing the demo and I am looking forward to playing it further. Truth to be told, Orion caught my MC’s eye and laughed out loud about being a masochist. XD

Now to wait for the Ever tree Inn update so I could replay it again. XD


Oooooh finally some more news on Sordwin! Big fan of Evertree Inn, so excited for the release :slight_smile:


@thomb if you need a beta tester, I’m ready to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here :grinning:. I would like to help

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I will definitely need Beta Testers once the first draft is complete (Hopefully around April/May). It’s going to be a long one to go through. I’ll make a post nearer the time with details but please do feel free to throw your name into the ring now if you’d be interested in helping seek out all those pesky glitches and errors (and of course, getting an advance read of the story :smile: )


I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute! I mean if you don’t mind.


It would be nice to beta-test. :laughing:

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I’d like to help with that!

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count me in XD (its been so long since the last time i did betatest though, so im sorry if i lost my touch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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I am certainly interested in helping beta.

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Interested is word that could be used to describe what I’m feeling. But it’s feels inadequate. I’m going with excited instead. Also being a beta tester would be cool.


I really enjoyed the first one and would love to beta test!

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I would like to beta test i played the first one like 3 times and was really looking forward to the second one

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I’d like to beta test too, if that’s alright :slight_smile:

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Count me in for beta testing :smile:

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