Somme Trench Questions

So I’ve played the game since beta and I love it but i was wondering a few things.

Firstly, how many different roles are there? As in gunner, sniper etc and how do you become them?

And how do you get promoted? I managed to get to sergeant in the beta but couldnt get past corporal in this release.

Finally, how do you get captured as a Pow?



Thanks so much for the support, @Stanlee_Kelly. In my objective opinion Somme Trench is awesome. My mom now calls it “addictive.”

You can be any of the following - regular Tommy, runner, machine gunner, aircraft gunner, clerk or stretcher bearer. Sometimes the game gives you the choice to volunteer for those roles, sometimes you have to be invited. Since you always start out as a fresh infantryman arriving at the front for the first time, how you get to these roles depends entirely on the type of person you choose to be. They’re not going to pick a bloodthirsty killer, for example, to be a stretcher bearer. Likewise somebody who shows particular fighting proficiency isn’t going to be asked to be a noncombatant clerk. I made sure to give those roles some good stuff, though, so it pays to go those routes.

Also, thanks to some feedback from other players I’ve been kicking around the idea of adding a “secret” spy storyline that comes into play if you go to the Red Light, but that depends a bit on how well the game does.

Promotions come from getting honors – which can be for anything you do exceptionally well, regardless of your role. I made it harder to reach sergeant in the published game both because the published game is alot bigger than the beta and because I thought in the beta it was a bit too easy.

As for being captured, the option to surrender pops up from time to time in situations where surrendering might have been a realistic option. As in real life, it’s no guarantee that an enemy soldier will take you prisoner just because you raise your hands . . . .

Hope that helps. Anything else, from you or anyone else, feel free to ask. I hope everyone’s enjoying the game and even if you’re not feel free to let me know why!


Thank you for the reply! The game is truly addicting!

So there is no sniper route? The only reason I ask is because in one of the later scene (the one where you follow a tank I believe) there is an option to use your machine gun or snipe (as well as a few other options)

The spy does seem cool but being the English gentleman that I am i wouldnt dare partake in such ungentlemanly activities with French prostitutes!

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No, of course you wouldn’t. :slight_smile: Never mind that I got the whole Red Light/Blue Light idea from Robert Graves’ autobiography about being an officer at the Western Front.

There’s no sniper path per se. However, if you remain a regular Tommy then early on you’re given the chance to improve either your sharpshooting, bomb-throwing or bayoneting skills. So if you do the first – your marksmanship – then near the end you get the chance to play sniper. There are a bunch of opportunities like that throughout the game that only show up if you’ve activated the right variable.


Make it an IAP, like the SEAL occupation in Zombies.

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Ah okay, that’s pretty cool, every time I play it i usually end up following the same route but it ends up completely differ ent hence why I’m still Playing it!

Also I seemed to have found a slight bug. In the scene where you have to go out and repair the wire, I chose to go far out and work my way back, however when the German patrol came in which you get the option to shoot/knife etc, if you press the show stats and then come out of the stats screen it changes the scene to where you decide whether or not to stay still or run back to your lines. However I pressed the stats screen again and it went back to the killing German scene. Just thought I’d let you know!

Okay, so I read last year’s discussion about IAPs Tell me if I’ve got this right – you write an updated version of your game with the new sidestory, and then anyone who buys the game is given a choice in-game to pay $1 or whatever more for that sidestory or to not pay and continue as-is? What about for people who’ve already purchased the game? When they update to the latest version are they asked to pay more?

My inclination had been to simply add the sidestory to the game and if you’ve already purchased it you get it as an update and if you buy it after the new addition you get it with your purchase. If that’s naive then set me straight.

@Stanlee_Kelly Thanks for that bug report. That sounds like a choicescript thing rather than anything with my coding. I vaguely remember reading people observe that the show stats button can mess with the display. Beats me how to fix that.

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Serious question: Is there some way you could do something that’s (for lack of a better word) Kickstarter-esque wherein you’ll add a certain path/section to the game if folks pay?

Of course, I say this playing through the game…enjoying something about it and recognizing it for the fine piece of work it is, but at the same time not enjoying it on a certain level (as I said before, the fault herein lies not with the author but with history).

Yeah, I know all about you and your “extraordinarily low opinion” of that portion of history . :slight_smile:

Thanks for the request - I’m working on it. It’ll take a bit of time to integrate into the rest of the game but there’s an idea I have to add some kind of espionage/counterintelligence/shady behind-the-trenches thing that starts from when/if you visit the red light.

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Interesting idea. I’m not sure that it quite fits with the rest of the game in some way, but…well, I’m interested to see what you come up with. That said…you’ve done well enough with your releases that I’d be willing to bet you’d make it work decently.

I just beat this game twice love it!! first time play as regular Tommy only got three honor and was wounded twice. Second time I end up as airplane Gunner got out as sergeant. Is it possible to pick up Sergeant earlier or get a field Commission? When did you recently added sniper path? I would love to see sequel to this game or the second or another part of what you do with your life after the war that would be awesome.

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I love this title too.

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I honestly want to see where the MC live goes after the war.

I have a feeling any sequel will be concurrent with the current story - much how ZE:SH and ZE both take place at the same time.

Excuse my bluntness and I don’t know what means.

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Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven (published Hosted Game) and Zombie Exodus (the original) - both by @JimD and in Hosted library.

Ok!! I willl given them a play!!

E, can you give me tips to get to the Aircraft gunner? It’s simply hard for me to get there.

Hey - you have to first be a machine gunner, which they’re more likely to pick you for if you’re going-ho about being at the front. There’s a whole separate little story line the aircraft gunner option opens up.

So I’ve played the game repetitively, the most honors I could ever get was 8 so I was just wondering if that’s the most?