Somme Trench Challenges

So I’ve survived 46 days when suddenly troops from my own side force me to halt and declare a ‘Challenge’.

I seriously have no idea what they mean and have to type a response. I keep getting it wrong because I’m utterly clueless as to what the challenge is exactly and don’t know what to input in.

Can anyone help me with this? After outsmarting all the previous obstacles before me I’m really frustrated at constantly having to die from not knowing the answer to an unspecified question…

One of the soldiers will assign you a password. I know two of them are the words “wanker” or “chuffed”. You have to carefully read the text.

I have the same problem, I keep reading through and none seem to pop up are there any other passwords you know of? And at what point in the story?

There’s also ‘Toff’ that’s all I got.