Screenshots make my brain hurt

Am struggling with putting together the mini screenshots file for publication.

Picking the scenes and stripping them of anything unnecessary went fine, but when it came to sorting the stats changes I hit a wall. I changed mygame js to start with the screenshots.txt file as was recommend, but that immediately stopped all stats from working as it bypasses the startup.txt file. Also the author and title can’t be altered except in the startup text file.

I am probably missing something obvious, but it’s been a long couple of days. If someone who has already done it could tell me why I am being an idiot I would really appreciate it.

You don’t need to do all that. Just make a file that has the stripped-down text and choice and do the stats differently each time, and you’re good to go. CoG can run it from there.

For example, this is the entire screenshot file I did for Somme Trench:

*comment Somme Trench screenshots
*comment copyright 2014 Andrew J. Schaefer all rights reserved

*set fighter 60
*set thinker 50
*set doer 50
*set honors 1
*set rank "Private"
*set lastname "Smith"
It's almost as though the army is trying to take enemy-held territory by literally covering it with dead British soldiers.  Your mind hasn't begun to process the magnitude of the slaughter you've already witnessed this morning and it's not even eight o'clock. 

There is no cohesive command.  Individual soldiers, squads, and platoons have begun making decisions for themselves.  One soldier, screaming, seems to have completely lost his mind; he's running half-naked towards the German front lines waving a rifle over his head.  "Is that all," he screams at them, "is that all there is you goddamned Boche?!?"  The next sweep of the German machine guns arcs across his path and cuts him down.

At this rate you might only have a few more minutes to live.  You need to decide quickly what to do.
  #Follow the other soldiers racing to the German lines.  If we run we won't be so vulnerable.
  #Dive into the nearest shell hole and sit tight.
  #Get back to the relative safety of our own trenches as quickly as possible.  This attack has already failed.
  #Start shooting at the enemy.

*set fighter 45
*set thinker 60
*set doer 50
*set honors 5
*set rank "Corporal"
*set lastname "Rhys"
You stare at the ghost as he talks.
"I can't warn you again," he continues.  Then he nods at the other men in the crater.  "You'll have to tell them something, but you'll have to do it quickly.  Either leave now -- just make a run for it -- or stay here and die."

Then he falls back down into the mud.  The dead German is just a dead German again.

What are you going to tell the others?
  #"This will sound mad, but that dead Jerry over there just sat up and told me to get out of here immediately.  And I believe him."
  #"We need to run back to our lines.  Jerry's about to attack."
  #"Come with me if you want to live."
  #I don't say anything.  I just run.

*set fighter 50
*set thinker 65
*set doer 55
*set honors 2
*set rank "Private"
*set lastname "Pyle"
"The world cannot survive another war such as this one," Morgan says.  "I promise you, twenty years from now the Germans will be lamenting this war the same as you.  Those men are good and bad, human and inhuman, just like you and me."
"I’m nothing like you," Macguffin snaps back.
Morgan looks at you.  "What do you think?"
  #I don't know what these two are talking about
  #I agree with Macguffin - our side is right
  #I agree with Morgan - this war is self-perpetuating and pointless
  #Who cares - Macguffin's a twat

*set fighter 60
*set thinker 45
*set doer 55
*set honors 2
*set rank "Private"
*set lastname "Henderson"
The plane is flying about 80 mph and is not too far away.  There are no anti-aircraft batteries here and no sign of your fighters anywhere near, which is probably why the German managed to get here in the first place.  Do you take shelter somewhere while he's strafing your positions or do you try to shoot the Fokker down?
  #Start shooting with my rifle
  #Start shooting with my Lewis gun
  #Take cover
  #Shake my fist angrily at the darned thing

*set fighter 55
*set thinker 50
*set doer 60
*set honors 4
*set rank "Corporal"
*set lastname "Smith"
You'd better think fast.  The tank is advancing towards the enemy and the bullets and shrapnel are flying.  There's no door, and it's not immediately clear how to get the tank's attention.  Make sure you don't get yourself killed in the process.
  #Bang on its side
  #Run around to the front and wave it down
  #Crawl on top and try to find a hatch to open
  #Ask one of the other soldiers

This response is getting bookmarked!

@Pyromanci Yeah, the “How to Write a Screenshots Scene” is/was outdated. You don’t need to touch mygame.js. Someone else just remarked on that too.

Thanks for the reply. That’s pretty much what I did with Zombien, but when I try to test it the errors appear in droves. No stats have been created, the stats screen won’t load. The name of the story and the author are gone.

Surely they can’t take pictures of it that way? Did you create your stats in the startup or in the mygame js? The guide specifically says change the mygame.js to start with the new screenshots.txt so I can test it, but when I do that it doesn’t trigger any of my creates in the startup file so I have no stats to set.

@jasonstevanhill Oh… So I need to go through startup and link to the screenshots scene to test it?

yes. Just list it in the *scene_list like any other scene file.

Phew, thanks. I can stop banging my head against the wall trying to make the world make sense again now.

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