ChoiceScript Problems


I will be posting all my ChoiceScript problems here starting with this

*create name “unknown”
*create rank “unknown”
*create unit “unknown”
*create role “unknown”
*create weapon “unknown”
*create combat skill 5
*create awareness 5
*create leadership 5
*create health 5

line 11: invalid create instruction, value must be a number, true/false, or a quoted string: combat skill 5

yay choicescript :l

Problems with ChoiceScript

Take out the space in combat skill. The stat can be combat_skill, or combatskill, or cskill, or whatever – but it has to be a single word.


ok thanks


normally if i do

bla bla bla


bla bla bla bla

there will be a next button but now it says: line 27: Non-existent command ‘page_break’



*page_break works fine


*page_break not *page_brake

@Marajade Heh ninjaed. Lol. :smiley: Your comment was funnier.


lol, just lol…
i was looking for 30 mins for what i did wrong and i just couldnt find it lol


how do you make words bold i only know it was something like or something
oh lol

but it doesnt seem to work in choicescript

i found out how to do it [b]


that is bold
that is italic and
and thatnis both same time


i have a small part done of my game, i put it in a public dropbox folder bt when i want to open it i get a 403 error


You have the public folder enabled?




you select the index.html inside my game folder and choose a give a share link ?


Then i just get a download link


you are doing it bad then, press file icon share a public link that gives you a link. In the wiki there is a tutorial read it,


is it possible to use a picture as background for a game if this is possible how do you do it


Not in a method that’s supported by Choice of Games. I dislike background images because they make the text extremely difficult to read.


well i dont really think i need a picture as background but is there a way to put a picture in the text if you know what i mean


Yep, there’s an image command. Check the wiki or the choice of games script site for more details.


well i just do *image WorldofFantasy.jpg but nothing happens