Publishing: How to make "screenshot.txt" work?

Hello everyone, I hope I got the right category for this question.
Here’s the thing, I’m getting ready to send my game for publishing, but I have a quick question for those who already published a Hosted Game.

I’ve read the following part on your “Writing a Good ChoiceScript Screenshot Scene” page:
“You should only send us one file; not multiple files. It should be called screenshots.txt.”

I don’t understand how am I supposed to replicate what I wrote in the the “choicescript_stats.txt” in order to show the stats without actually using the “choicescript_stats.txt” file. Or am I supposed to let the “screenshot.txt” interact with it as the “startup.txt” file does?

Thanks in advance to whoever will be kind enough to answer :heart:

There’s no command exclusive to the stats page, so you can just copy and paste really.

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But if I try to copy and paste an error comes out as soon as I try to hit the “Show Stats” button. Is that supposed to happen?

What error? Also, as I understand it, the screenshot file will be used for advertising purpose only. No one is going to play your game with that file.

It’s a generic “Script Error” pop-up, but it clearly states that the script can’t find the choicescript_stats file. So I’m guessing it’s necessary to keep the choicescript_stats file in the loop?

Like I said, as I understand it, the screenshot file will be used by the CoG team for promotional purposes only. If you mean to say you can’t even run the game locally to check it, then add an empty choicescript_stats.txt to the same folder folder. But if they asked to send only the screenshot.txt they probably know how to deal with the missing stats page file. Other than that, your best bet is to contact them directly since this is already at the submission stage.

Good luck!

Hope the best for your game❤️

You’re not meant to use the stats button for screenshots. Just copy whatever text from the stats page you want to show into the document with the other scenes and separate each page with a *page_break

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Unless it’s different for HG than CoG/HC, you don’t have to make a new stats page - they use the same choicescript_stats file that you’re using in the game itself. When testing the screenshot file, add it to the *scene_list under startup and then run QuickTest and RandomTest (and playtest it yourself).