What is screenshots.txt?

So I went to submit my game and an error comes up:

Missing choicescript_screenshots.txt. Please include a screenshots scene. TODO document

… I have no idea what this means.

I’ve never read anything about “screenshots.txt” before. There wasn’t one included when I downloaded ChoiceScript and I haven’t read about it anywhere in the “Make Your Own Games” section.

What is screenshots.txt? What is it for? Why do I need it? Where in the game am I supposed to put it? I’m so confused. :confounded:

I think it’s a select-screenshots of your game which will be used as the “showcase” picture at google play, or steam, or… well, all online stores.

But it’s a .txt file so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, that’s what I would’ve thought, except, like you said, it’s a .txt file and the images need to be uploaded separately. :confused:

Short story, we need more documentation on the submission page and have been busy enough that getting the time to write it is, difficult. Go ahead and submit your game without it. (Previous authors should already have that documentation and can just submit the screenshots with the rest of the game.)

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Oh, okay! So long as I don’t need it. Thank you! :blush: