Some WIP Ideas (and Interest Checks)


Hey y’all, I’ve been a long time lurker on these forums (unfortunately, I only made an account recently, but what can ya do) and I’ve finally decided to stop stalking and actually do something myself.
A little something about me- I primarily write stories on the darker side, as I am a horror/fear writer at heart, but I also write and like basically every medium of writing. I particularly like horror mixed with romance, because, well, who doesn’t like some angst?
These ideas are just that, ideas. They may change in time, for better or for worse. Please keep in mind that I am quite the busy person, so if I do post a demo for a game it probably won’t be very soon.


This idea is usually thrown around a lot- but you as an AI, or some form of artificial intelligence. Not human, or not fully at least. The idea of lacking normal human emotion or responses is interesting to me, and interesting to write. While this story will have a plot, it will mostly be about you, and the characters around you.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while (almost turned it into a comic, actually, but sadly I never got to it), but it’s set in a circus that is far more than the audience sees. One new member comes in, the other goes out. They go out in many ways, that is, but they always seem to cover the… disappearances up. Either you are the best here, or you aren’t at all. The plot will be revolving around either you solving what exactly goes on down here as an undercover detective, or are you part of the real show yourself?

The third is probably one of the darkest of my ideas, but it is about a mystery in your town about two twins that went missing. You could have been friends with them, or not payed attention to them at all, but their dissapearance is more than weird. People tell you it’s nothing, but you have a feeling it is much, much more than that. The plot would generally be about you slowly but surely discovering what happened, but will you truly be safe while doing so?

This is one of my more fleshed out ideas, but it is set in the near future where aliens have decided to make Earth their new habitat. There is more lore to it than I can fit in a small summary, but the character building will be a major part of the story. Will you try to win your world back? Or just try to survive when all hope is eventually lost? Giving up is always an option.

Ah, and of course, the zombie idea. This will definitely have the plot, but it will primarily be around character building and situations. It is set in modern day where an apocalypse breaks out suddenly, and spreads so quickly everyone was in shock and underprepared. Riots broke out, causing more people to get hurt, and more zombies to rise. Will you find a real safe place, or keep traveling until you can’t take it anymore?

For all of these, I have a plot planned out as well as characters. It’s just hard to decide which one to focus on, which is why I decided to actually post, primarily. All of these will contain some form of romance options, as well as your characters appearance, personality, and all that stuff. I in particular and a nerd for character development, especially my own.

Feel free to ask questions, although keep in mind I’ll try to avoid spoilers and such in case I do actually commit to one. If you ask specifically, though, I might reveal some plot but keep it behind a spoiler blur.

  • First Idea
  • Second Idea
  • Third Idea
  • Fourth Idea
  • Fifth Idea

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I think the first one sounds cool.


Well I have also recently made a account .:grinning:
But coming to the topic , I also think that the 1st one is good . And all the best for your work.


The first one sounds interesting at the least. So many of the games here focus on experiences as humans, but being able to be a robot actually sounds awesome. You could either embrace humanity and use your superiority for good or just rebel and enslave everyone not A.I!
There are a bunch of different ways you could flesh it out, but it sounds promising. I REALLY hope either you, or another writer picks it up! Good luck!


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If you have any questions or concerns, just ask, the community is really solid.


i actually love the idea of the third


Maybe the fourth if you can give more info


Should be a poll here, I like the third alot for some reason.


this one is the more interesting out of the five ideas you have for a wip, maybe is because some of those ideas you have are already in some hosted / choice games and the only one done good enough in my opinion is the zombie one :wink:
but even if that is the case, i think is still the most appealing


The zombie idea has also already been done


i know :smirk: thats why i said, this—>


I’d say the first one sounds the most interesting. If you’re going to do one of the mystery ones then probably the 3rd one and while the zombie one has been done before I certainly won’t complain if it is done well but that does mean it has to be done well.


I feel that 2 and 3 are similar enough to be combined into a single game. I’m certainly interested in playing that.

1 and 4 are good too.


Sorry for dissapearing as soon as I posted, I fell asleep accidentally.
Anyways, I’ll reply to some comments soon, and I saw a good idea for a poll so I put it in the first post.


Yeah, I was thinking this, too. I know I personally love games that revolve around our own character a bit more, and this is certainly one to do it. It’s definitely one of my favorite ideas.

Thanks, I’ve seen that the community is really nice while I was lurking. :slight_smile: I’ll definitely take a look at those links.

Combining them into a game sounds interesting, I’ll keep that in mind. Those two would definitely work well together.

Also, about the fifth idea:
Yeah, I was a bit iffy about the zombie one myself, because of the sheer amount of games that involve it. I wanted something a bit more unique, but the idea is still there.

If you want a bit more information on whichever game you’re interested in, feel free to ask specifically what it is you want to know about it, or PM me.


The third one


It would be awesome you could flesh it out atleast in 15 different ways and all of them would be awesome so

Hot round bun-Hot round bun
I want the third one
It would be great fun-I want the third one


That seems to be the favor of the poll too, haha.

I was debating combining the second and third ideas into one. It makes things more interesting, to me, and somewhat a bit more easy to figure out for me and the readers.
It would work without the second idea, too, of course. But I think I could add way more depth with combining them, and maybe shifting the second idea a tiny bit.


I really like 2nd and 3rd ideas the only genre CoG/HG lacks is gritty dark Mystery


Highlands deep waters by @MahatmaDagon will cover that but two dark ones won’t hurt , hell it would be awesome


Dark and gritty are definitely words for it, but I’m afraid of making it… too dark, if you know what I mean. Many people on these forums are mature, so I’m sure to some extent some might not mind, but there is always a line to draw on the dark and gritty stuff. If I do make a topic about it this would probably be one of my questions to the readers.
Of course, I tend to stay away from the controversial stuff, so this would mostly pertain to gore, torture, etc.