[SOLVED] Using @font-face in style.css - help please?

Hey guys,

So I am suuuuuper picky about fonts, and I am trying to use some unique, non-standard fonts. Since I want to eventually publish the game I am working on, the only files I can modify that come with ChoiceScript are style.css and index.html.

So here’s where I am at (short version, no code - got it to work, let me know if anyone needs help):

  • I have made the following changes to style.css:
    -----Added @font-face (EDIT: got it working using a different url, see post 4)
    -----Changed font families for body, next button, h1, h2, and choice “children” (adorable that they named the different boxes that)
  • Changes to index.html:
    Added “media=all” to the style.css link in index.html

Thanks so much for all your help!


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that code you use won’t work in mobiles at all. I wouldn’t recommend you use fonts that in better cases half of people won’t see. Also it could cause issues with custom fonts. I used ones in an old wip I had to change them again .
Edit However I did it with older versions maybe now are better implemented

Hmmm might have to scrap it then. I’ll keep a copy of the file in case someone can crack this code. Thanks for your response :relaxed:

HUZZAH! I have figured out a work-around!!! If anyone wants to know how, the short version is I uploaded it to dropbox and used the share-links with dl.dropboxusercontent.com as the URL source for @font-face, and that solved the issue. If anyone needs help, let me know!!!