So who all is entering the CoG Contest for Interactive Novels?


Well, one of my goals was just for folks to share that they’re taking the dive. Mission accomplished! Now where’s that aircraft carrier?

And I guess the other purpose for this thread would be to allow folks to provide updates on their progress once in a while, either to hold themselves accountable, get some encouragement, or what have you. I know many of us are accustomed to the support from folks in WiP threads, and in this situation we’re all huddled in our little individual secretive cocoons.

So it might be quiet for a while, but feel free to chime in as you’d like.


I’m used to hiding in my cocoon. :slight_smile:


I am one of these Newbies! I have the first 10,000 or so words of my entry written and coded, and a general outline of the plot and world. It is my first ever attempt at a piece of IF writing, so it might be hit and miss, but the competition has certainly inspired me to try and create something cool. I just hope I can finish it in time …


Part of me wants to enter, but I’ve never made a ChoiceScript game before and I’m still figuring it out, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get something together for this contest.


You could always have a go, if you don’t finish you can submit later as a HG :slight_smile:


Well my update:

I presented the first chapter of my CoG contest WIP to my “real life” writing group today and received great feedback. Several of them liked it better than CCH. Everyone encouraged me to keep going with it, so I’ll carve out some more time tonight to work on another chapter.


That’s high praise indeed!


For me, it’s sorta like they are saying, “We like your son better than your daughter! He’s just more fun! Sorry! :smile:.”


Here’s a little jolt to this thread too. With Lord Irish’s contest wrapping up, this contest will become many peoples’ focus again. Admittedly, I kept more focus on this contest than the other, due to lack of time.

I’m recycling my Lost Heir thread with minor details, for now: The Lost Heir Trilogy

I passed the 40k mark and feel that I’m around 1/3 done. Looks like I’m on track so far. :slight_smile:


@Lucid - The jolt was much appreciated! Good to hear you’re rolling along, and it definitely inspired me to sketch out some scenes during lunch. It’s easier to maintain momentum than it is to reestablish it.

I’m aiming for the 120k word range too. I hope you pop in once in a while; I thought this thread would be busier than it’s been.


I know a lot of people are keeping their projects close to their vest - sometimes a beginner can be intimidated by all the great established authors competing with them.

I bet the traffic here will both pick up after the other contest is over and it gets closer to the deadline.


Yes people ARE keeping cards close to their respective vests! It’s quiet. Too quiet.

I won’t say much either, other than I decided to “write what I know, but with a twist” and I managed to tie it to the Speckverse without featuring a single superhero.


I had planned on writing for the contest, but the HG that I’m currently writing, The Magician’s Task, will be around 500k when I’m finished with it. That’s basically impossible to write in the 7 months we have left, so maybe this one will be for the NEXT contest. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was planning to be like "Let’s do it me! You’ve been looking at game code and making games in python for years! ChoiceScript will be a piece of cake."
Sadly, it seems, my brain’s on a no- cake diet and I’m struggling to get my head around all the stuffs. And too many exams and work for now, so maybe next time. Or the one after that :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to seeing all the entries and shamelessly stealing their ideas for short stories/ something else or to see their code to use for myself help perfect and refine them!

But hey I’m getting the hang of it! Kinda! Not really! But eh it’ll work!

A scene from my (terrible, unplanned) amazing game!

They listen, the hundreds of 'zombies' and their collective 14 rotting ears are persuaded, and give their old master the kiss of Judas. Except they have the problem of all that rotting flesh and 'lack-of-teeth' issue, so after 30 seconds of a serious gumming and slapping/ slow punching you call off your minions.

The necromancer escapes without a trace, leaving behind a trail of tears and a note about where he lives and will most likely plot his revenge. Or his revenge against your self-defence against his random attack at least. Anyway, it’s 52 Northbrook Lane

I guess I’m making a game!

[Spoiler]…When I say game I mean that;s pretty much it, aside from like 3 stats and one
choice. But trust me, if, despite exams and all that jazz I become awesome at ChoiceScript I’ll try and enter. I highly doubt anything I can make right now would fare well under tough scrutiny. Or any scrutiny. Or just someone skim- reading it… eek. Maybe next year haha. [/Spoiler]


I’m still at work…I just don’t feel I’ve had much to say. ‘I’m still writing and I filled up another hundred pages with research,’ isn’t very thrilling in my case without context, I should think.

I’ve no idea what my final word count will be quite yet. I’m behind on outline-to-prose production but ahead in the other aspects. That reassures me, because churning out prose is faster for me than development.

If we’re looking for teasers, it involves ancient civilisations, pneumatics, and way too many hours researching the blasted rise and run of staircases.

When your stairs become books (or your books become stairs)


I like hearing it! That’s exciting to me. Imagine me cheering you on.


I imagined it, but… I don’t think the image in my head turned out quite as expected…



Aww, thank you. My two young daughters have been super excited about your games ever since I told them you have a Wodehouse homage in the works, so when I tell them you said this they’ll be thrilled (as am I, haha).


Tell them I’m up to 377K words as of today! I just finished ch.6 (of 8) this afternoon…