So I've Noticed That Choice Script is Suddenly Very Slow For Me

It happened over night pretty much, it’s not because of the browser, everything else runs smoothly. Running games on here is also perfectly fine, it’s just on my computer when I test my games in Firefox. I didn’t update to a new version of CS or anything. Nor did a virus scan turn up anything.

It’s pretty much a several second delay, both in selecting the choices and when pressing next or show stats, ranging from 1 to 10 seconds or so. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t test my games out anymore. =( Is there anything (reasonable) I can do to make it run smoother?

Disable addons, clear your browser cache, history etc. Check you’ve not got a virus scan running.
If you’ve not updated CS it will almost certainly be browser related.

Also if it’s a laptop make sure power saver mode or similar isn’t enabled.

In the worst case, it could be malware, too.

Well It says I’ve got 0 bytes in offline cache, and the problem persists even when I’m offline. Additionally, I normally don’t use FF for browsing the net, so wouldn’t it be weird if I picked up something that targets FF then? Not in power saving mode and no virus scans running.

I don’t know if it’s malware, I ran a complete scan, but one can never be sure I guess.

Unpacking another instance didn’t help either, I heard scripts can be sensitive but hrmm.

Reinstall the browser? And there should be a general cache in the same area as history and cookie cleaning.

I did clear all caches and cookies, no improvement. I guess I’ll try reinstalling later. I still don’t think it’s the browser though.

It’ll be your OS (another program that is running) then, or a hardware issue, it can’t possibly be CS, because as you said yourself you’ve not updated it. Code doesn’t just randomly start executing slower.

Well if it turns out to be the OS, even though I’ve not had any such problems before, there’s not much I can do though is there? =/ A real bother this.

I say the “OS”, but I mean something else that’s going on in the OS - so you all but definitely can do something about it, once you find out what it is.
Are you on Windows? Bring up the task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) and go to the processes/performance tabs, see if anything is eating up your memory or CPU.

I’m not really sure what to look for, but I found something called processes with disc activity in the resource manager. Doesn’t really look like anything’s out of the ordinary there or in processes/performance either, what seems to be draining the most is FF itself and the anti virus program, but it seems to be fluctuating a lot.

There was an instance with a failed windows update, which since has hopefully been fixed, and I also updated the anti virus program. Those are the only two events that happened during the time frame where this problem suddenly manifested.

Well I restored the system to a previous point, reinstalled FF, but the problem remains, potentially even worse than before as it now seems to slow down normal typing in FF as well and the loading time has increased for the script. That would suggest it’s FF related, but since I installed a brand new instance…

It’s sounding more and more like malware to me (a sudden, significant and unexplainable decrease in performance). Could you try running the same CS in another browser, like IE or Chrome?

Might be worth downloading the free version of malwarebytes and doing a scan too, I know you’ve already got an AV but it doesn’t hurt to run another one, just to be sure.

Huh, well that’s interesting, I didn’t even know it could be run with IE. But yeah, that works like a charm. Faster than I’ve ever seen it maybe. It seems kinda weird if it is malware, that it would target only FF, and seeing as I just reinstalled FF as well. But then again I dunno how that stuff works. I’ll do that as well then, but at least I know I’ve got an alternative now. Thanks. =) The world suddenly got a bit lighter.

Is there any reason that IE wouldn’t work as well as FF at CS though? At first glance it seems much better.

It used to be terrible, but IE has come a long way in recent years.

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