Simple questions

Hey all!
First, I want to start off saying that these questions are really simple, I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around some concepts.

  1. Do you have to write finish at the end of every choice, or just save it for when you’re going to the next scene?
  2. If you don’t have to write finish, how can the script tell when each choice is done?
  3. Can I text my game as if I’m an actual reader reading it, or do I have to wait for it to go to Beta?

Thanks so much for your help!

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If you defined a list of scenes in the “startup.txt” whenever the code meet a *finish it will automatically send you to the next scene in that list top-down.

You can use it at *choice menus or leave at the end of the scene or, if you wish, simply ignore and use *goto and *gosub only.

If it’s a *fake_choice he will simply continue to follow the following text under the choices or subsequent *label that you wrote under the *fake_choice menu.

If there is a *if followed by a *else you must end the scene with a *goto, *return or *finish or you will risk a error mensagem in your playtests.

The same goes for *choice statements, they must end in *go-to, *return or *finish or you will find the same error mensagem of continuity.

Sorry I didn’t understand your question…

First of all, welcome, and regarding your question…

I think you meant “test” your game, if you were, you can actually test your game as if you were playing it and even run automated test to find bugs much faster than a hand clicking the choices over and over again. All you need is very well explained on this page.

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You can refer to the Master List – link to wiki is included there – for more in-depth documentation.

Otherwise, you can also utilize *implicit_control_flow command to turn all your *choice to act like an actually legit *fake_choice, although I think I remember there’re some nitpicks and bugs if you try anything fancy with that. Link is here.

As for testing, there was a recent change in regards to local-testing. The gist is you will have to take extra steps than it’s used to be if you want to test your game locally (on your own device). Here’s the link.

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ohh, thx for this post.

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