Side prequel story in game but not IF itself?

I know the titles kind of confusing, but I’m wondering if it would be off-putting to have a story like a short story inside a interactive novel. By this I mean a linear story that’s optional to read but adds depth to the world itself. My example would be a prequel story that kind of sets up the world, tension, history, and characters that you see with your player made character. It would be at the start and be completely optional. If you skipped it you’d still get a introduction to the world but it wouldn’t be as in depth.

Anyone done anything like this? Would it be interesting to see such a mechanism used? This is all hypothetical but kind of want to see what other people think.


I believe what you’re asking is “optional introduction/prologue.”

XoR has it. And I think the Dragoon Saga too? Some WIP also have it, although I can’t recall which one.


Heroes Rise has a side story/prologue which you can purchase. @WayWalkerLeigh has quite a few novels in the Way Walkers universe too


My novels aren’t in the actual game though-- I think this is more akin to the “story telling” chapter in WWU1.

My suggestion would be to make it interesting by offering the history bits as a choice but vary them slightly by making them from different perspectives-- since history is fluid a subjective. You can shape yr readers opinions on the events from the very beginning and it still allows for variety of read through. :slight_smile:


If you mean lore stories in the stats is cool. However i would hate a set history about my character even if was in past. My character should feel mine and it can’t be mine if author made a complete story where details personality, customization relationship. I role play evil so if you put i am ms poneys and rain bows and loves pink well you have totally lost me as reader. I will not buy or keep reading. Choice of games not Fixed of games


Yeah, I’m with @poison_mara. A story about my character that I’m not a little bit in control of would not really interest me. If I had the option to skip it I would.

Long rambling set of thoughts vaguely related to the question above.


It’s why I don’t like movies based on video games. It doesn’t matter who you get to play Lara Croft. They’ll never be good enough because I’m Lara Croft. I really think that Hollywood gets it wrong when they make video game movies in the hopes to get gamers to the theater. They should aim those movies at non-gamers 'cause gamers are always going to prefer to be the main character of that story as opposed to watching the main character of that story.

Of course I still enjoy non-interactive media too. Just not when it’s about my heroes from interactive media. Once I have some control (or even just a convincing illusion of control) over a character. I don’t want that taken away from me.


@poison_mara @Camille622 It would be totally separate from the player made character. The story would take place before the mc is even born. A story that tella some history of the nation/country your from and historic characters.

@WayWalkerLeigh yeah as you said ita morw story telling within the game but is optional. You would still get a view into the world built but not as in depth. I like the different charcter options actually would work great because their is 6 “legendary” heroes

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That is totally different from a prequel. is a lore story or a History introduction that’s super cool.

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@Omegareaven yeah you’d offer a choice of one of six little prolongs that girl e different perspectives on the events and allows for different things to be emphasised baised on culture, societal rank, ect. And then that peolog would in turn influence the readers character building choices later.

We have an omniscient epilogue at the end of So, You’re Possessed! to give the player a little peek behind the scenes, so they know something their character doesn’t. We’ve also released prequel short stories on our fan pages to fill in some background info and expand the world, as well. So, I definitely fall on the side of yes it can be done, but I think you want to keep it short and sweet. I don’t know that players will want to not have agency for too long.

There’s a couple of character centric short stories for CCH.

I would say have short stories be seperate of the game. They can bea neat expansion to it.

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